Moving from Wanting to Having

A guided process to move from the state of “wanting” (lack) to a state of “having” (abundance). I filmed the Video many years ago in an “adventure forest” and a beach in New Zealand. I have uploaded this to the Member Videos section of the website. You can view it there along with hundreds of […]

Essays on Creating Reality 7

Essays on Creating Reality is a collection of articles written by Frederick Dodson in 2022.  Get the Quality Hardcover version here Get the Paperback version here Get the eBook version here   Table of Contents Experience more deeply Your blessings are always more than your troubles Let go of negative beliefs even if they are […]

How to Create a Belief

As beliefs filter our perception, direct our intention and inform our actions it is useful to know how to deconstruct old beliefs and create new ones. This Live Seminar recording by Frederick Dodson has been uploaded to the Member Videos section of this website and can be viewed there. If you are not a Member […]

When you’re stuck in a rut of “success”

Focus leads to results but also creates ruts in the tapestry of reality. The Oxford Dictionary defines “rut” as “a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles”. When people say “I’m stuck in a rut” they usually refer to negative habits. But this article is about ruts created by […]

Coaching Q&A with Fred Dodson, Tuesday 11 am EST Online

There will be a live Coaching Q&A with Fred Dodson on Tuesday the 9th of August 2022 at 11 EST Online. You can ask Fred any question relating to Reality Creation, Levels of Consciousness, Success and Healing. The more specific your question, the better the answer. For example “What’s your take on the law of attraction?” […]

How humanity is tricked into powerlessness

A human being is lovingly and divinely created, having powers of reality creation from birth. Souls are sent to Earth to see if they can remember their powers despite the Amnesia-barrier and bombardment with negativity. The method to trick people into believing they are powerless is showing them a stage-play called “world events”. The theatrical […]

The Thought Ascension Tool (brand new Course upload!)

The Thought Ascension Tool is a technique that assists in making your life lighter, brighter and more expanded. Even using it is fun and creates a natural high. I have taught the method in previous Reality Creation Live Courses as a way to dissolve and create thoughts and emotions and thereby release or attract corresponding […]

Ask Me Anything 2022 – Video Response!

These are my conscientious responses to the questions you sent to me by email. I was surprised that within only 2 hours I had received a hundred questions. I simply chose from among the questions that first came in. You can see the list of questions responded to below the video. Questions Answered Is it […]

The deeper meaning and vibration of brand names

Have you ever wondered if there’s a deeper symbolic meaning to brand names? Or if each name has a specific intended vibration? I believe so and I’ve recently implied so with the article “Do symbols have an effect on the body?” and my video “The body can read your intentions”. Let’s start with the most […]

New Reality Creation

One of the most-used guided processes in the Reality Creation Materials, “New Reality Creation” is for erasing the unwanted and replacing it with what you prefer. For the last 10 years this audio has been in the “Members section”, it’s now available to ALL. Click below to enjoy.