Your Power Within

Guided Exercise and Talk by Frederick Dodson. The world cannot make you happy. Take your power back and find happiness within. Click below to view.  

Identity Shifting, Multiple Personality or Entity Possession?

A friend was recounting a story about his grandmother changing personality at times. In one identity she was frail and weak, barely able to walk. In the other identity she was able to carry two heavy gas canisters on each shoulder. In response, I relayed a story of how I used to play soccer with […]

Happy-Go-Lucky Investment

Around the beginning of January, I acquired a large amount of Bitcoin. Half a year ago, I also acquired a good amount of silver. It was the first time in my life that I bought either of these. There was no specific reason for it. Then, in February 2021, both silver and bitcoin shot up […]

Achieve more with less effort

Are you a programmed work-slave or a conscious creator? This 42 minute lecture and guided Meditation by Frederick Dodson helps you de-program the slave-worker mentality so that you can achieve more with less effort. It is available in the Member Videos section, along with 44 other Videos or for $30 from here: Achieve More with […]

Who are you?

It’s more about WHO is doing, saying, asking than about the what, when, where and how. Also: Effective and Ineffective learning methods, the power of identity change, narrow vs. diffused attention and more.     

How Reality Creation was used to Escape Imprisonment

I was browsing through the 1990 book Escape from Controlled Custody, from my Library of Survivalist Books. One chapter, features different ways that prison inmates have escaped from confinement. I discovered that most of successful escapes use the method of Acting-As-If, which is one of the essential Reality Creation tools. Even more interesting: The role-play […]

For more success, ignore mainstream advice

For more success, ignore mainstream advice. For more happiness, avoid the crowds. Today I am going on a weeklong vacation. I chose this day, because everyone else’s January vacation has come to an end. Streets, Hotels and Mountain Slopes are crowd-free and it will be wonderful. Why are there traffic jams? Because “everyone” leaves work […]

State of Flow – A 4 Week Webinar

This is a 4 week online event, guided by Frederick Dodson personally. Dodson is the author of more than 30 Books on success and consciousness. The Training has been prepared with great care, so that each participant experiences several instances of Flow.  Sessions are on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of September from 3-5 […]