Books on Reality Creation

Parallel Universe of Self

Reality Creation and Manifestation

The Reality Creation Technique

You Can Heal Anyone

Clearing Entities

Create The Reality You Prefer

Healing Methods of the Antique Spa

Mia's Glowing Heart

Books on Hidden Mysteries

History Is False

Levels of Heaven and Hell

The Secret History of Polynesia

The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Mystries of the Arctic and Antarctic

What do you know about Human Harvesting?

Discerning Deception

Time Travel

The Electromagnetic Self

Hidden Realities

Books on Success, Business and Welath Attraction

Prosperity Consciousness

Magnetic Wealth Attraction

The Leadership Course

Success Attracts Success

Success Attracts Success​ - Book 2

The Flow State

Books on Levels of Energy and Higher Consciousness

Levels of Energy

Journey in Spectral Consciousness

Realms of Consciousness

Ascending the Levels

Increase Your Energy

Being Higher Self

Books on Communication

The Communication Course

How to Learn a Language in 5 days

Love, Sex Soulmates

Books on Intuition and Awareness

Intuition training

The Intuitive Awareness Method

The Miracle of Attention and Awareness

Lives of the Soul

Illumination of Consciousness

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