I can say without any reservations that Fred Dodson is the most gifted and most attentive Reality Creation Coach that I've ever worked with! We've only worked together for a few weeks but in the space of that two weeks he was able to help me overcome some serious mental roadblocks that were standing in the way of progressing my business and also completely break my emotional attachment to using food as a source of like emotional comfort.

Trusted by thousands of people across the world

A group of self employed business owners participate in giving their reviews and share a short clip after a five day course with Frederick Dodson.

Participants share their experiences in the Levels of Energy Course.

During the mentoring coaching program with Fred Dodson, he supported me to develop a clear product and within several weeks I already managed to gain some clients who were willing to pay me several thousand Euros, it's unbelievable! Some months after the mentoring had finished, it was clear for me that I will earn the same money I had earned in my secure and safe job.

Participants talk about their experiences in the Realty Creation Course.

"For almost 5 years, I have the privilege of narrating all Fred Dodson's books to audios, and I noticed being emersed in that materials, the incredible things start to happen in my life, way too many to list here but they were really good but then something happened! We finished all the books and as I stopped reading the books, it was kind of like that flow stopped as well and old patterns started to creep in, so I thought as the flow in stopped, the flow out also slowed down so much so that I went back and started re-narrating some of the older books just because I wanted to be back in that conversation."

"I have enjoyed your writings, particularly 'Parallel Universes of Self'"!
Robert Scheinfeld
Bestselling Author
"One of my favorite and highly recommended books is “Parallel Universes of Self” by Frederick Dodson".
Richard Bartlett
Bestselling Author
"Reality Creation Coaching has been the most consciousness-expanding journey of my life. Fred Dodson is a very humorous coach, full of surprises and willing to go the extra-mile for any client."
Bryan Addinall
Movie Actor and Sports-Star Coach
"I enjoyed your book “Parallel Universes of Self” very much."
Salah Al-Rashed
Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author

Matthew Rice

Central Focus Mental Performance MEd.

Health & Wellness Head Varsity Baseball Coach

After meeting with Fred, I elevated from a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur. I had read several of Fred's books and intuitively knew that in-person coaching would be a game-changer. At the time, it was a financial risk. Interestingly, a few weeks after the coaching, I received an unexpected inheritance that exactly covered the cost of the coaching. During the coaching session, Fred was present and intentional. His coaching style was strategic yet flexible, calm yet firm. The session was purposeful, and I still feel its positive impact months later. Here are the direct benefits I've gained seven months since the coaching session: Fred helped heal my shoulder. I had suffered a severe injury to my throwing arm, and after the coaching, I was able to throw again. This was crucial because I coach baseball and need my arm for throwing. Before meeting Fred in the summer of 2023, I had many business ideas that I never pursued because I let objections take over. Today, I have a business that aligns with my life's passion for helping athletes. It has low overhead, helps people, is highly immersive, and generates income. The financial upside is significant and has already positively impacted professional athletes. Additionally, I gleaned helpful insights on success, mindset, and reality creation. I recommend in-person coaching with Fred to anyone who wants to heal, become a better version of themselves, gain clarity on life direction, or experience rapid reality creation."

We are all very blessed to be Aware of the Priceless Celestial Gem hidden within so the flow of Eternal Grace may show us the way out. So blessed to have had an opportunity to meet with Zen Master Fredrick Dodson, I recommend Him and his services far and wide for anyone who is willing to take ownership of their vessel called, mind-body-spirit and rise above ALL clouds of limitations.
Eugene Sherwood
"Often, I was at a point where I just wanted to give it all up, go back to Germany and sit in some office work for “other people”. The shifting point was when I visited the Live Reality Creation Course with Fred and Bryan. I had already read many of Freds books and knew instinctively that that is the direction I needed to go. After a few weeks of Email Coaching and a week of intense live coaching I finally understood the mechanics of our own creations and how reality creation works. I stopped wanting to “be understood” and trying to get external approval. It was time to adjust my focus. It was about persistence and stamina and if possible, to doubt as little as possible:-)"
Miss Luna
International DJ and Music Producer
"I am very pleased with your work and feel very inspired for my own inner work as well as my professional work. This course (Reality Creation Live Course) was very valuable to me. I will be happy to recommend it."
Beate Schweder
Business Consultant, Madrid
"During the 3 day Reality Creation Course in Los Angeles I was able to let go with Mr. Dodson I was really able to let go of a few “branches of the tree” that I had been gripping onto and was really enjoying the new freedom of jumping around in the tree. Somehow, I fell completely out of the tree or perhaps the tree just vanished. What did I fall into? It was oddly gentle, not a quick or solid landing. I don’t know but it is something like a river that is swimming me. I waited for some time to pass, yet this appears to be a stable shift. I say this because where my attention goes changes continue to follow. Thank you, Fred, – some pretty cool stuff."
Bud Jahn
Meditator, Alaska
"I want to thank you deeply for your contribution to humanity- Levels of Energy. It has literally transformed the way I see, or more importantly, feel my way through the world. A day has not gone by since I have read it that a moment has not arose where lessons from the book brought themselves into my reality. It has deepened my understanding of every person with whom I have a relationship within my life. It has transformed the way I do business, the way I give praise, and the way in which I understand myself. What’s most notable to me is how I do not need to consciously practice the book, rather, by continuously reading it, the wisdom soaks into my subconscious. I would say ‘thank you’, but my guess is you’d say that you didn’t write the book, but that it happened through you. Regardless, thank you!"
Chris Bashinelli
PBS TV Host, National Geographic Explorer
"The 3-day Reality Creation Workshop in L.A. was a phenomenal event that left me with a deep calm inside and excitement about my future creations. A mixture of enlightening meditations and powerful exercises – all conducted with utmost patience, personal attention and appropriate time to really create a shift. I experienced a dissolving of deep rooted fears by facing them and finding resource through it. And I learnt most powerful and daily applicable ways to effectively resource myself and engage in loving relationships. Fred Dodson portrays presence, curiosity, courage and from all that I can tell really walks his talk. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and am looking forward to the next."
Olaf Hartmann
Mind and Body Coach, Los Angeles
"Fred has been a great coach and mentor to me for about 6 months now. I’m 52 years old and have been a business professional and on a spiritual path for most of my adult life. I’ve experienced many teachers and approaches over the years. So, it takes a lot for me to be impressed with a coach. Fred has been the perfect fit for me and has helped to accelerate my growth and practical results in almost every area. His teaching is simple, yet deeply profound and extremely practical. Many of the ideas Fred teaches, I have heard before – even tried to practice before – but Fred’s directness and clarity has helped me to understand these principles in new ways that I can apply immediately. Fred consistently meets me right where I am, and gently steers me out of habitual mental dead ends, and toward more expansive, productive states of consciousness, that produce real results. I can feel it. The momentum I have been building since working with Fred is outstanding and really fun. I’m very grateful to have Fred as my coach and can’t wait to see where my life will be a year from now. There is no limit, and it just keeps getting better.
Tom Kornbluh
Leadership Coach, LeadTeamLabs
"I attended the highly recommendable workshop “Levels of Energy” – and I have had quite a few in my life… Luckily, no giving of information you could read in books for yourself. Instead of that simple practical but deep going exercises and meditations lifting you one step upwards on your personal ladder of evolution / consciousness / emotions. Not with force or digging in darkest corners but naturally and harmonically blossoming the positive and light aspects of one's person. Frederick Dodson a well-centered, grounded and serene but lively and humorous man creating a good and trustful atmosphere to experiment and develop. Thank you very much, Fred!"
Ulf Parczyk
Die Praxis für Rückführungstherapie & Clearing in Germany
The Coward and the Spartan "Not too long ago I slid into a phase of feeling too comfortable. I had achieved a lot, had made plenty of money, was OK with my family. But while resting on my laurels for too long, over time, I subtly slid into more negative states. I become dissatisfied, complained a lot and didn't do much. I came home, sat on the couch – became the couch – and could not get myself to do sports. My self-confidence declined more and more. As I became increasingly dissatisfied, fear began creeping into my life. Suddenly I was afraid of everything. I couldn't write emails out of fear to say the wrong thing. I was afraid of showing my out-of-shape body. I kept telling others – especially my family – what to do, trying to control everyone and everything. And then I started attracting chaos into my many areas of my life. I don't want to detail it but rather describe how I got out of it. At around that time I began corresponding with Fred – who is a really damn good mind-spirit coach – and we experimented with various techniques. I soon realized that I had become a coward of sorts. Fred taught me about a technique called “changing one's role”. I was supposed to choose I role I admired and try playing that character. Initially I did not understand the technique and could not imagine what kind of “role” I was supposed to assume. Coincidentally, around that time I saw a movie about warrior Spartans. The movie was not particularly sophisticated, but it reminded me of my old self, the guy I used to be. I remembered the self-confidence I used to have. “I’d rather die standing than stay alive on my knees” was my attitude. With the “role changing” technique I was able to recall and feel these emotions and assume the new personality style. Initially I kept falling back into the coward-role, but in time the new self became stronger and stronger. I stayed in the role of “Spartan Warrior” that I had developed. And then my life around me started changing until everything looked, sounded and felt better than before. I'm not saying everything was perfect, but I felt much better. Life started being fun again. I love challenges. I don't get on my knees with every little difficulty. And thanks to my wife I started doing martial arts again….the ultimate challenge for me, where I really do face and overcome my fears. I have transferred this new, fearless attitude to other areas of life. I am writing this in the hope that my experience will help you too. Choose a role with which you feel well, that would help you face your own challenges. And then assume the role. Ask yourself: “How would this role handle the various events in my life?”. And remember: It's all easier with a coach.”
Johannes Nefischer
Business Consultant
"What I’ve noticed that is different since starting with Frederick Dodson’s Reality Creation Course. So how to begin? Whoa! I first heard of Frederick Dodson while taking Matrix Energetics from Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. I’ve taken many classes from Richard, and he doesn’t recommend too many books but when he does, I’ve noticed that they are well worth my time. He started me out with Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld, then The Enlightenment Trilogy by Jed McKenna and everything by Adyashanti. Each was amazing and I noticed many changes in my life and reality. Life is getting more and more fun. Then he recommended “Parallel Universes of Self” by Frederick Dodson and another friend of mine in Vancouver BC recommended it as well. The changes my friend told me about were amazing, so I immediately downloaded it on my Kindle / I-Pad and started reading it while in the airport on the way from San Diego to Vancouver to run and hang out with friends, including my friend who recommended the book. I quickly got thru the first 5 chapters; it made perfect sense, and I did the PURE technique. Well, that’s when things went to hyper-speed! Synchronous things started happening immediately. I mean I was used to the universe treating me well and showing me cool stuff and pointing me in the right direction but with the PURE tech and the Parallel Universes of Self tech I was noticing synchronous events happening over and over again so much so that it started making me and my wife Jen laugh out loud. I then bought the Reality Creation Course and have done the first one numerous all the way thru. I love the way I can use thought, word and action and I love using my Matrix Energetics state to supercharge the whole thing. It feels like they both work great together and are accessing from the space. Some things in the physical world that are now different and unexpected since starting this Reality Creation of Fred Dodson: 1. We unexpectedly were able to pay off the remaining balance on our home mortgage in San Diego 2. We found some ways to stay without paying hotel when visiting Vancouver BC 3. We shut down our insurance based Matrix Energetics & Integrative Manual Therapy practice and now operate our Matrix Energetics & Integrative Manual Therapy practice on a totally cash based system out of our house. 4. I’ve written the first draft of a book about Running called The Heart of Running. 5. I’ve connected with more runners in San Diego and have a DVD course I’m working on to get the information out to runners. 6. I’ve seen how powerful I am and how my thoughts and words can immediately turn into physical reality. 7. I’ve shifted how I feel about money, cash based clients and as a result the clients that show up (and there are more of them showing up) are ready for and excited about the matrix energetics and other “work” we do. 8, We’re expecting our first child any day now. (this one was expected and we’re very excited about the arrival of Benjamin Cole Ray Havens soon!). 9 I realize I already have the lifestyle I wanted and now am continuing the Reality Creation with Matrix Energetics; I don’t know how to say it but I do have goals and ideas about what else would be fun to shift and am excited to continue to play in this world. I’m finding how to be grateful for how everything is showing up and how I already have what I “wanted” but how I also have goals and things I would like to shift. There’s more to play with. There is much more especially daily synchronicity’s that happen all the time. But basically, I love this stuff; it makes life much more fun and it’s interesting to see what I notice and what is different. Thank you."
Ralph Havens
Physical Therapist, San Diego
Reality Creation has impacted my life both professionally and personally in positive ways. I attended a live workshop with Fred Dodson with the intention of increasing my client base and income. During the three day workshop I was asked to give a lecture at a school. Within three months, my program was included in the largest school district of California through LA’s BEST. A little over a year later and I am also teaching in birthing centers, have increased the number of my private clients, and developed a new coming of age/life skills class for adolescence. RC is proven to me continually through the private parent groups and the families with which I work. I keep experiencing success using the Reality Creation techniques both with my clients and personally. Six months after dismantling a 5 year relationship, I purchased the Bliss and Reality Creation Courses. I took a 10-day at home retreat and dedicated myself to completing both courses as well as a custom meditation. I focused on happiness and finding a new partner only stopping for food, sleep and time for another Reality Creation technique that I now call Creative Stream (creating a necklace of pearls by following the present moment). The following week I was walking into what I thought was a business meeting and walked in to find the love of my life. Less than a year later we are happily married and growing our businesses together. I have seen some of the others from that same workshop do nothing with the teaching and yet some of us continue to surprise ourselves in joy. If you are committed and really apply yourself, you can have the reality of your dreams.
Julie Reid
Parent Coach
I ordered The Bliss Course earlier this week. I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself and it had been affecting my performance. I was on a downhill curve as poor performance in turn meant more pressure and so on. Hence, I ordered this course. I had come to a point where I was feeling very constricted and heavy. At one point, even crying made me feel better so I must have been pretty low on the energy scale. I tried the method in part 5 and even and even though it was really uncomfortable, I felt something inside me move. I felt much lighter It is all getting progressively better from then on. Also, I did the Bliss Technique (Part 8) till a few minutes (had to attend to something in the middle) and I felt much more than just an embodiment of life. I measured my Heartbeat Rate this morning and it was 52bpm, much lower than my normal 68-72 bpm. It just shows how relaxed I must be. I don't know my exact energy level right now but I have surely come a long way in the last three days. I feel normal again. It's been just three days, I don't know what may happen in the next year or even decade if I continue like this.
The “Bliss Course”

Florian Metz

CEO Coach


Hello Fred, for a long time I wanted to write about my experiences with Reality Creation. Now, a few weeks since the last reality creation workshop I want to sum up some of the positive changes that occurred in my life. This post is a mix of testimonial, Intention-Experiment report/ miracle story, my personal insights and tips for people who want to get the most out of their workshop experience, and my way of expressing gratitude to you and all the fantastic fellow workshop attendees that taught and inspired me so much. Feel free to use a Facebook screenshot of my message on your website Fred. The changes start way before the workshop: The daily intention list As I already described in my earlier contribution to the Intention Experiment Feedback posts, I currently use a daily intention list that contains 9 – 10 goals/states of being, that I affirm every morning by writing them down, with a high quality pen in a nice leather notebook. I won’t give you the entire list, because it’s both personal and rather long, so a rough outline has to do the job. Amongst some other things, on my daily intention list I declared that: •I experience daily synchronicities that are meaningful for my goals and meet the right people that inspire and support me in my goals • I am a sought-after coach with happy clients • I have an athletic body with healthy, smooth skin • I am surrounded by inspiring, motivating, intelligent, humorous, friendly people • I have an attractive, charismatic vibe • And some more explicit details that are rated R and should not be disclosed here. 😉 I already built some momentum with this list, which got amplified during and after the workshop. Waves of synchronicity. Since intending it every morning and especially in the weeks following the workshop, I experienced massive waves of synchronicities that are all related to the intentions I write down everyday. Although I was somewhat used to having daily synchronicities and meeting amazing people all the time, because I kept up the list for almost 3 months, it was still a very surreal experience for me, to have even more of those synchronicities in the past 2 weeks. It was as if every question or goal I have was answered by meeting people that already live the reality I envisioned in a big way. Certain topics that I developed an interest in kept reappearing, over and over again, in the most unusual experiences. I learned that it is important to stay grounded and not to freak out too much when your reality shifts like that. It was as if my entire reality was upgraded to a new level. The world still looked the same, but in a better state. Most of my friends slowly became more successful and supportive. My overall mood was better. Friends that stagnated for years suddenly improved their state of being. People were nice and more interesting to talk to. I met more and more spiritually aware, attractive and very rich people. I had more people to talk to about my passionate vision instead of hiding it like in the past, because I used to be around of negative, pessimistic people. I’d like to share some specific examples of those synchronicities with you, that I enjoyed a lot: Bizarre Synchronicity: “The aura of a coach", As I already wrote about in my Intention Experiment report (I think it was Results of the Intention Experiment Nr. 4) my aim is to develop more in the direction of a successful and sought-after coach. Writing this intention down every morning since the last 3 months led to many synchronicities, that reached a new high in the week after the workshop. Besides having more resources, ideas and people to work with in this field, I want to talk about a very funny and bizarre situation that showed me that my energy changed in a way, that even other people noticed it. I was walking around on campus when a woman suddenly stopped me and my friend (we were on our way to a meeting concerning a coaching project) to ask us “a quick question”. Without even introducing herself or knowing who we are, she started to talk about a very personal situation that she was in and asked for our advice. We we’re able to give her some helpful suggestions. One of my suggestions concerned the use of mindfulness meditation techniques. She was surprised that I recommended this, because just a day before, she bought a book about this topic. Before she left, I asked her why she asked us for advice, and she replied that we looked like “people who know what they are talking about and are not afraid of telling it”. I have to add, that there was no way, that we could be identified as Psychologists, or coaches. When continuing our walk, I jokingly told my friend “We have the coaching aura” and we both laughed. Besides these experiences I got more and more effective when giving advice to people, and I had more requests from people who wanted my input to questions of coaching, meditation, reality creation, etc. Sexy times: On my list I also intended to have certain wild experiences, that aren’t exactly in line with the Christian idea of monogamy 🙂 I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted in detail, so I just trusted to find the right inspirations. Shortly after I met lots of guys, that we’re living a next-level lifestyle when it comes to success with women (e. g. threesomes with fashion models). Just by being around them, I became closer to the version of myself, that I intended to be. This again felt very surreal, because these guys were on a level, that I didn’t consider “realistic” just a few months ago. But with my shift in consciousness, I also opened up to a new level of reality, where totally different stuff is considered normal. Drastic reality change: Healing my milk allergy in 3 days One of the fastest reality changes I ever experienced occurred two weeks after the workshop. I avoided dairy products in all its forms for at least 5 years, because my skin reacted very badly to it. Just the thought about the side effects of consuming milk or other dairy products activated crawling sensations under my skin and a feeling of unease, greasiness and stress. On my recent Italy trip I just had enough of it and decided to dissolve this issue once and for all. I used a combination of methods that I came across in the last few years. Particularly relaxing my resistance and automatic response to the thought of consuming milk and appreciating my body, and identifying with a version of myself that has healthy and smooth skin. At first, I just visualized eating dairy products to trigger my emotional reaction and then dissolve. After 1 day of doing this, I started to slowly eat more and more of the food that I usually denied myself. My body no longer showed the reactions, that were normal and unpleasant just 2 months ago. This healing of a bodily condition that annoyed me for years was so abrupt and liberating, that I’m still somewhat confused that it was so easy. All I needed was a firm decision, and a consistent letting go of resistance, combined with appreciating my body to heal itself. The body knows best how to get fit: Besides healing my milk allergy, I also wanted to get more ripped and muscular. Just by intending it, I subconsciously began to change my lifestyle, skipped some meals here and there, depending on my mood, only to realize, that I had made very good progress to a more well-defined sixpack in just 3 weeks of writing this intention down. I found this manifestation particularly insightful, because I used to be a notorious micro-manager when it came to nutrition and sports, which was a rather stressful thing to do. This experience showed me, that the right intention naturally leads me to the correct and healthy actions that bring me to my envisioned body. How to get most of your workshop experience: Now that I talked about some of the cool experiences I had, I want to give you some useful tips to increase your own success with RC. Since I took 3 RC-workshops in general, I got some experience on how to get the most out of it. I compiled a list of some tips and tricks I used (the list is in no particular order of importance) 1. It was my experience that every workshop served as a powerful catalyst for moving my reality in the way of my vision. The more precise and detailed I understood my goals, the more the manifestations in the coming months matched this image. That’s why I recommend to work with a daily intention list to really figure out what goals resonate with you strongly, so that you have a deeper understanding of your desires before you go into the workshop. 2. Be open to all the other workshop participants: It was my consistent experience, that almost everyone on those workshops was able to directly or indirectly help me to understand myself better or was able to point me to resources or ideas that answered the big questions that I had before the workshop. Especially the people that trigger a negative emotional reaction in you usually mirror some part of your own personality, that you denied about yourself. It’s a great pointer to let go of those issues. 3. Clean up and prepare your place BEFORE you go to the workshop. The workshop gives you a temporary high that’s the result of having a dozen motivated and inspired people around you for a couple of days. The contrast to your everyday life experience can be quite drastic once you return home. That’s why I learned to clean up my place before I leave for the workshop and prepare it in a way, that I can take immediate action on my goals when I return. The high state of the workshop decreases 1 or 2 weeks afterwards, so it is important to use the momentum effectively. Returning to a messy home and having to deal with lots of ignored chores is just a useless roadblock, that should be dealt with beforehand, so that the momentum can be used for your really important goals. 4. Form mastermind groups with other RC-enthusiasts: I’m still in contact with people from every workshop. This works great to keep up the momentum and to motivate each other through dry spells. It’s also great for strengthening your belief, because you get so many cool manifestation reports. I’ve got 4 good friends that are conscious manifestors which pretty much guarantees that I hear amazing and inspiring stories every day of the week from people that I know and trust. This in turn improves my own abilities and faith in reality creation, which creates a massive upward spiral. 5. One very important thing was brought up by Mircea during the last workshop: Seeing the coach on your level, as some kind of friend instead of a distant authority figure, helps you to synchronize with his energy. And in this way, you learn more trough “spiritual osmosis”, which means that you pick things up, just by being open to the presence of the coach. There’s more to be said, and I’m sure I will have even more interesting experiences that will come my way, but for now this post is getting long, and a little incoherent. I hope some of you got some inspiration and insight out of this! Cheers, Florian.

Hi Fred, how are you I hope you are well A few months ago I took an email coaching, and the main topic was my emotional state. I'd like to tell you some of the developments that have occurred since then. In the last few months, there has been a lot of improvements especially in my emotional state. I feel more enthusiastic, passionate and energetic... This change is also felt by my friends and people around me, who tells me that I'm more vital. I feel like I'm accepting myself more, and connecting with myself better and deeper, and I know what I want. Many of the fears that I previously felt had disappeared, Like the fear of change and fear of opening my heart... Socially I feel more comfortable, and I meet people who are more suited to me. I feel improvement in my work with clients. My ability to help them became stronger and faster. Every time I achieve an inner improvement, I can see its effect on my clients. Regarding the opening of my center, I'm ready and have taken the appropriate steps. Currently I'm very close to achieving this goal. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel the desire to make changes and experience new things, feelings which I lacked in the past. I want to thank you so much for helping me understand myself, I'm grateful for your guidance and for the amazing energy that I felt after talking to you. Greetings!

Authentic! "I recently sponsored and took a workshop with Frederick Dodson, “reality creation” coach and author of more than 23 books, including the classic Parallel Universes of Self. It was an interesting experience; one I’ll likely be processing for some time. I’m aware when talking attempting to describe one’s participation in these types of human potential workshops, what one says about the workshop is less a description of the workshop, but more a description of the participant. I mean it’s kind of like the Hawthorne effect, when the observer of a particular phenomenon alters whatever he or she observes. Or something like that. So anyway, I don’t want to describe the actual workshop, but my perception of the workshop leader. I should say at the outset that I’m an old hand at observing teachers. In my former capacity as a journalist, I’ve been up close and personal to quite a few, including Masahiro Oki (look him up!), Michio Kushi, and John-Roger, just to name a few. I’ve written about some of these encounters in my book, Notes for a New Age. So, when I’m in these situations, I find myself studying the particularities of the teacher, such things as their presentation style, the way they interact with students, their use of charisma etc. I’m also aware that doing this is a kind of weakness, in that it can detract my attention from the actual transmission of teaching and my learning. I could say a lot about Dodson, but the thing I want to highlight is his extraordinarily original style. I mean, I’ve taken a fair amount of workshops over the years and most of them are derivative. In other words, if you are generally familiar with the subject, you can pretty much see where particular activities or philosophies come from or what lineage the presenter represents. But I couldn’t see Dodson’s antecedents; his style was totally his own. There is something to be said about originality. Original thinkers have totally digested and internalized what they’ve learned from others and come out with something new. There is an authenticity there and this is what I sensed from Dodson."

"The course helped ne to become richer and to understand how rich I already am. Shortly after starting the course, I attracted better clients who paid a lot more than before. Although I was already a minimalist for more than 20 years I decluttered even more and felt that I live a billionaire lifestyle, having what I need, doing what I want, being what I love to be. The course is short and sticks to the point. You do not need anything more to become prosperous."

Results Of
The Reality Creation
Retreat 2017

“Being familiar with the content, I enjoyed the massive focus on the practical side. I believe it will help me for my personal growth and the needed persistence. Thank you very much for the retreat, but also for your whole work that enriched my life for 15 years. There is nothing to complain about here, just a suggestion: I guess you could distribute your attention more evenly among the attendants”

Language can’t describe my experience of Freds Seminar: I’ve felt first hand what I read about being in 5 Dimensional reality and pure presence, profound serenity, with magical pre-manifestation every now and then. Practical, simple methods along with heavenly and sensual meditations. It was a life-transforming experience.

I was in a somewhat negative mind at the start. Of course not being aware of that. After maybe day 4 I woke up into the goodness of life. And it kept getting better every day and I am very glad I came here. I also feel I learned a lot from every person here. The format and the structure of the seminar is just right. Thank you!”

"The Reality Creation Retreat in Lake Com was a real eye-opener for me in confronting all of my fears and limitations. I now have a real sense of purpose in how I will live my life henceforth and can’t wait to put these methods and practices to good use”

"Your Seminar gave me Motivation and Techniques that are guaranteed to help me. It strengthened me and I now know it works”

Great Seminar, great group, fantastic exercises. The days were very intense for me. I would have preferred an extra free day. The here-now exercises took too much time and energy in my opinion. I am taking very, very, very much home with me, especially motivation. Thank you so very much!

“Fred, you have a gift and a strong energy of purpose that is very palpable whether in your presence or in your teachings. I love your style of teachings because of the spontaneity and the strong way you trust and do and say the right thing at the right time. If I didn’t know better, I would say its magic but knowing from your stories I know it can be done by people who are eager to apply your techniques in real life. The best part though, for me, is the fact that your seminar is not dry with teaching but filled with self-programming. I feel the shift in me. In just these 10 days I had noticed a shift in my inner dialogue, and I remember to talk and be the way I want to, it is actually effortless, like the lens inside me changed from minus to plus. It is like something just burst through and it is happier and loves the moment more than I ever imagined. Thank you.

It is the best seminar I’ve ever experienced so far. Before coming I thought what we are going to do for 10 hours a day but then when I’m here I just didn’t want these 10 hours to end .I really liked repeating the exercises over and over…. I’ve been doing the imagination experiment since two years after reading one of your articles in Facebook and it worked with me fabulously. I really appreciate your unique style in training and how real and authentic you are I think this is the reason why the material flows smoothly into us. One more thing thanks for choosing lake como because it is WOW specially menaggio. Thanks a lot, and see you soon”

It was a great to attend the seminar of reality creation. I feel the changes, I feel my power. I didn’t know how much I have until I get the seminar… Everything was perfect the country, the city, the hotel everything was like a magic even people. I learned to much, I experience amazing things with you and people. The exercises were really helpful and different, and I had much fun I really enjoyed every single minutes. It was like a heaven. It was just WOW. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

This is the best retreat I have attend ever up to now, 10 days with 10hrs a day for intensive training indoor and outdoor, really this course help me to face my emotions, thoughts and beliefs for the first time, I feel light happy, I can say this is a life changing course.

“Attending the reality creation retreat was the best gift I have ever gave to myself so far. The trainer, the location, the group, the whole experience was just perfect and inspiring and a gate to a new full of energy and prosperity life. Thank you, Fred! Love.”

It's a brilliant course which changes the energy level in such a wonderful fast way that makes me speechless …. I am so confident know and trusting in my power that really everything is coming true. I feel it. I am so grateful und blessed. I send you unconditional love. See you at the stars

“I liked meeting other people who practice reality creation and being immersed in RC. I was able to improve my understanding of how RC works. I have several actionable items I will practice regularly. The most important insight was simply to be more consistent and stick with it”.

“The seminar helped me to believe in my own power to create the reality I want. It was very interesting to observe limiting beliefs being destroyed. The exercises and techniques were fresh and innovative. By the end of the seminar, I didn’t have any doubts left in my abilities as a powerful manifestor”

“I really don’t know how to thank you for this past 10 days, you changed my life forever. the techniques we learned and applied were really next level & I am not that the person who came at the biggening, I am really someone else! I’ve changed 100%. thank you for helping me in the private session your advice was really helping. you are the kind of people that I am really glad to have in my life forever. thank you for everything.”

“The course is a piece of heaven, I face my emotions and go through it even though it is the last day I feel it is just start for my lovely journey in the life, what I love in the course is the harmony and the love and humor what helps me a lot , I trust you Fred and you keep help my mor and more, I love that the course have a lot of techniques and exercise and we practiced again and again so we solve our problem not learn only , this is wonderful”

Seriously, so far this is the best experience I had in my life. For the first time I was totally okay and at ease with being transparent, being present and just being myself -no masks no filters- and I liked it. I feel I got to know the real me during this retreat and I want to stay this way all of my life (somehow, I feel I can die in peace now) I was also happy to notice that the people around me liked the real me too, not just liked me but also respected me, and maybe even loved me for that. The whole thing was magical and like a movie. I already manifested several intentions in a list I created the first day of the retreat, some spontaneously and some through the techniques we learned. The duration and location of the retreat were just perfect, and the group was so much fun and amazing, and you too of course were all that and more. I want to come again to your next retreats just for the laughs and fun of it, and I suggest doing it in a cruise ship.

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