Who would I have to be to easily attract that?

I invented this technique 20 years ago because I had been seeing clients who all asked the same weak questions: “How can I achieve it?” “How can I get it?” “What should I do to achieve it?” These questions position you into lack. You envision yourself at point A, separate from point B and then […]

Some Natural Energizers

  Do try some of the natural energizers before you spend big money on those pills, injections and therapists. 1. Small Portions of Food A half empty stomach is good, not bad. Some people eat too much (and too much processed stuff), feel tired because of all the weight in their stomach and then do […]

Levels of Responsibility

Your Level of Responsibility correlates to your Level of Power. Most people are willing to assume responsibility for their own actions most of the time. But sometimes we blame others for what we did. That creates powerlessness. “I don’t get to decide what I do, others decide”. Any person can increase their level of personal […]

Crowding consciousness with abundance

Is there something you’d like to experience more strongly or frequently? __________ (insert item you’d like to experience more strongly or frequently). Then say that you are that, have that… in abundance aplenty a copious amount of galore ample plenty generously in profusion a lot heaps loads bountifully prolifically overflowing large rich teeming vast flush […]

Had a traumatic experience? Double-Down.

I had a mountain-bike accident years ago. Instead of quitting, I doubled down and took my bike to even rougher terrain. Much money was stolen from me about 10 years ago because I trusted someone with my bank account. You might think “Well, he never did that again!”, but just the opposite: I gave the […]

Live Retreat – Increase Your Energy – 30 August to 1 September 2024

  The price for this event is $1999 per person. Sign up using the button below. There is a $400 discount if you prefer to pay in Gold. For this option, please contact us at conscioussness@realitycreation.org There is a maximum-participant limit of 50 and seats fill fairly quickly so be sure to sign up on […]

Atracción de riqueza magnética

Nuevo Libro de Frederick Dodson! Atracción de riqueza magnética Las reglas de la riqueza llevan miles de años inalterables. Con este libro aprenderás la mentalidad universal que aumentará tu abundancia financiera, independientemente de quién seas y de dónde estés. Resultados: confianza en tu capacidad para brindar un servicio único a tus semejantes, conocimiento integral de […]

The secret of slow change

One of our weaknesses lies in our inability to perceive change when it’s very slow. For instance, you think of crystals as unchanging, yet they’re shifting, transforming and growing constantly. The change is happening to slow for you to notice. The “weakness” has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the ill-intended can institute undesirable […]

An unlikely manifestation

I was looking for a seminar location that combined the most unlikely elements: Farm animals, organic food, saunas, hot pools, cold plunge, mountain view, a large and spacious conference room, a games room, generous walking paths, affordable lodging and being near where I live. I said “If I don’t find all those things combined, I’m […]

When will you arrive?

Sometimes my students tell me “I’m on a journey” as an excuse not to change NOW. One student complains he hasn’t had sex with his wife in 3 years. He says “I’m giving her time. She’s on a journey” I respond: “A journey? When will she arrive?” Another student has been struggling with alcohol abuse […]

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