How to Get Control of Your Mind

If you do not get control of your mind, others will. Use these easy meditative reality creation techniques,successfully taught since 20 years, to calm the mind, release unwanted habits of thought, form new thoughts and change your emotional experience.  

Three Types of Action that Create Reality

Most people understand that action creates results but this classic Reality Creation lecture makes a distinction between three types of action: Linear action, semi-linear action and non-linear action. This is a 15-Minute Live Lecture Recording as given the Reality Creation Course 2003-2020 by Frederick Dodson. It can be enjoyed in the Member Videos section of this […]

Reality Creation Articles 2020 – Part 2

This page is the archive of Reality Creation Articles written in 2020 – Part 2. Part one can be found here: Articles Part 1. Even Older articles can be found in the Book Series “Essays in Creating Reality”. The mystical article series is archived here: Ancient Otherworldly Wisdom   Table of Contents  Was Bitcoin created […]

Can conscious intention change the weather?

For the last four years, I have gone to play Tennis every Monday and Friday morning. There are no indoor courts, so whenever it rains, Tennis gets cancelled. Especially in winter, there is a lot of rain and Tennis is sometimes rained out several weeks in a row. I used to take this for granted, […]

Reality Creation Articles 2020

Reality Creation Articles 2020 – Part 1 Here you find blog posts and articles published in 2020. To find older posts and articles please see the Table of Contents in the “Essays on Creating Reality” book-series. The mystical article series is archived here: Ancient Otherworldly Wisdom Table of Contents Top 7 Reasons to Reduce Smartphone […]

An ancient spaceship that is camouflaged as a moon of Saturn

There is a “moon” orbiting Saturn, called Iapetus. I believe that it’s an artificially built spaceship that is camouflaged as a moon. The reason I believe Iapetus is an artificial structure is because it looks and behaves differently than other moon in our Solar System. For one, it orbits Saturn in a perfect circle, which […]

Higher Realms

Music for a short trip to Higher Realms.  Click Below to Listen.  Frederick Dodson · Higher Realms   More: Music for Meditation and Visualization        

The Creation of Meaning

The Creation of Meaning is a guided Meditation that will help you regain control of your mind and the way you experience reality. It will teach you how you ascribe a conditioned, default meaning to things, how you can change what something means for you (and that will change your experience of it and what […]

Navigating the Maze of Life

The words “Labyrinth” and “Maze” used to be synonymous. Today they are often discerned as the maze being a complex, multi-course puzzle with choices of path and direction, while the Labyrinth is a uni-course single path to a center. I here also use these definitions of calling “unicursal” (unambigious single path, no choice) a Labyrinth […]

How social media and search engines “edit” reality

People assume that when they browse the Internet, they are seeing an accurate reflection of what people are thinking or what’s “trending”. But it’s not so. The reality you are being shown, is being edited for you by a hidden hand. As if you were a child who is unable to make the right choices […]