The Empowerment Technique

A technique for empowering self and others, for moving from “can’t” to “can”. This is one of the “classic reality creation techniques” I’ve been successfully using since the 1990s. Click below to view.      

How good people can take back companies from Psychopaths

In this presentation I show how organizations are penetrated and taken over by psychopaths and how integrous people can take them back. In consciousness levels integrous means above level 300 and psychopath means below level 100. The strength and weakness of Hierarchy Most organizational charts end up in the shape of a Pyramid. At a […]

Moving from Desire to Belief

Turning wanting into having, converting fantasy to certainty and transforming imagination into memory. Guided classic Reality Creation exercises by Frederick Dodson.      

How to deal with authoritarians and pushy people

“If she says no, do it anyway”.  How does this sound to you? To me it sounds like something a rapist would say. But it’s common advice in modern corporate training. I saw a manager tell his employees that if a person doesn’t want to receive their newsletter, they should sign the person up anyway. […]

The Flu is NOT contagious if you don’t resonate

Here’s what the “scientific community” says about the Flu: Experts agree and the research shows that flu is spread to others when people cough, sneeze or talk. The science is settled. Trust the science. 🙂 But here’s what I say about the Flu: I have been around many who have had the flu. My wife […]

Product Test: The Orgone Blanket

I’ve decided to test various self-improvement products that I’ve always been curious about but didn’t believe in enough to pay for. Honestly, I don’t believe in external stuff that much – that’s why I teach reality creation! There are not many products that really work, independent of the placebo-effect (they work because people believe they […]

The memory of water

Suppressed Science There is a 2014 documentary called Water Memory  , about scientists Jacques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier. In the 1980s Benveniste discovered that water can receive, remember, store and send information. The discovery was unique in the field of Biology. Before this, Benvensite was a renowned biologist, on the verge of winning the Nobel […]

How to develop a strong will

A scene from long ago, in my twenties. I was visiting the parents of my back-then girlfriend. Her father offered me an apple. I said “No thank you”. He kept insisting that I have an apple, it would be good for me. “No thanks“, I repeated. He was still holding the bowl of fruits out […]

Success-Takeaways from the Story of Candy Jones

In a superficial reading of my last article titled “The Control of Candy Jones” you conclude it’s about “how evil the government is”. But it’s a lot more than that. Any story of evil also teaches about good. It’s simple: If you do the opposite of what evil people and their victims do, you’ll succeed […]