I’ve been blocked on Facebook, join me on Telegram

After more than 10 years of posting there, Facebook has blocked access to my account. I have spent a week trying to regain access, but they don’t like me. I’m not upset – it’s no secret that I don’t like them either ūüôā I only posted there for followers. The page will lie dormant (if […]

The Reality Creation Course 2022

Date: March 4-6, 2022 Time: 9 am to 5 pm daily Place:¬†Orlando, Florida Whatever you sincerely believe, you can achieve. You can prosper, succeed and heal even if the rest of the world lives in fear. You already have the power to achieve amazing things. All you need is to use what you already have.¬† […]

From wandering mind to purpose driven mind

People without a purpose or focus of their own, tend to create problems. Excerpted speech from “The Flow State” Webinar 2021 by Frederick Dodson. Click below to listen.

Styles of Attention – Full Workshop Uploaded

I have uploaded the workshop of Styles of Attention¬†to the Member Videos section of this website. Enjoy this recording and hundreds of others in the members section. Even more important than what you focus on, is how you focus.¬†Styles of Attention is about flexible attention that can be focused, de-focused, become immersed or objective, closed […]

This man is neither the President nor Joe Biden

There is a list on Ranker titled “Which President do you wish were in charge right now?” It features the 44 most popular Presidents. Joe Biden doesn’t even make the list. No, Ranker is not a “pro-Trump” site – Trump doesn’t even make it to the top 10, he ranks 14. But the point here […]

How to Command Manifestation

It’s not something you beg for, wish for or hope for, it’s something you command, using your already present authority as a human being. Classic Reality Creation and Manifestation talk. Lecture, Voice and Filming by Frederick Dodson. Click below to enjoy this lecture and two new exercises.    

New Book: Essays in Creating Reality 6

These are collected articles written by Frederick Dodson in 2020 and 2021.¬† The range of topics is broader than ever: Social Psychology, Man-Made Flying Saucers, the law of attraction, entity-possession, health improvement and false-flag terror, just to name a few. You will notice that the articles on Covid, even though outdated, accurately predict what later […]

Suffering is not “God’s Will”

Imagine there is an electricity company that is supplying your House with an abundance of electricity. But you’re not turning on the light. And you say “It must be the electricity companies’ will that I don’t have light“. It is the job of the provider to supply the electricity and it already has. But it […]