Can you visualize your preferred body into shape?

Do thoughts have an effect on body-shape? Of course they do. Thoughts, feelings and words are signals you send so your body knows how to shape itself. Your self-image provides a template for your body to grow into. Can you lose fat or gain muscle strength by thought alone? Yes you can. There are even […]

Speaking and Singing Words of Power

Watch Frederick Dodson speaking and then singing/chanting words of power written by the 1920s reality-creation-coach Florence Scovel Shinn. This is a Video from the 8-part Video Course “Your electric Word” by Frederick Dodson (see link).    

Your electric word – a video course on verbal reality creation

Your electric word is a new 8-part Video Course on verbal reality creation. Your reality is created through thought-word-deed, not only through thought, not only through deed. Too many people underestimate the power of their word to create or destroy. This presentation by Frederick Dodson awakens the viewer to the various aspects of wordpower: Speaking […]

Humans as Electric Circuits and Batteries

“I’m a man of science. I don’t believe that we are energy” someone told me. In response, I sent him the Wikipedia page on Electrophysiology, for starters. There we read: Electrophysiology is the branch of physiology that studies the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues. It involves measurements of voltage changes or electric current or manipulations on a wide variety of scales […]

Moving from Wanting to Having

A guided process to move from the state of “wanting” (lack) to a state of “having” (abundance). I filmed the Video many years ago in an “adventure forest” and a beach in New Zealand. I have uploaded this to the Member Videos section of the website. You can view it there along with hundreds of […]

Essays on Creating Reality 7

Essays on Creating Reality is a collection of articles written by Frederick Dodson in 2022.  Get the Quality Hardcover version here Get the Paperback version here Get the eBook version here   Table of Contents Experience more deeply Your blessings are always more than your troubles Let go of negative beliefs even if they are […]

How to Create a Belief

As beliefs filter our perception, direct our intention and inform our actions it is useful to know how to deconstruct old beliefs and create new ones. This Live Seminar recording by Frederick Dodson has been uploaded to the Member Videos section of this website and can be viewed there. If you are not a Member […]

When you’re stuck in a rut of “success”

Focus leads to results but also creates ruts in the tapestry of reality. The Oxford Dictionary defines “rut” as “a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles”. When people say “I’m stuck in a rut” they usually refer to negative habits. But this article is about ruts created by […]