Journey to Another Life (New 2022 Version)

The quickest way to “change your frequency” is to shift attention to an imagined better version of you. This guided Meditation is a new 2022 re-recording of the 2011 classic by Frederick Dodson.

The Big Secret to Lifelong Happiness

What happiness really is and how to BE happy instead of looking for happiness externally. Classic lecture by Reality Creation Coach Frederick Dodson. Click below to view.  

The Liquid Reality Method

The Liquid Reality Method is a way of shifting your frequency or state that was introduced in the Reality Creation Course 2022. I have been successfully using it in Coaching over the last 25 years. This is a 6-part Course that I’ve uploaded to the Gold Members section of this website. It provides guided processes […]

Challenge yourself before life challenges you

I have two cats who are siblings. Watching them grow from kittens to cats, I learned that animals have unique personality from birth, just like humans. Experiences shape our personality too, but part of us is already fully there from the “beginning”. This means that birth is not the beginning. There was one difference between […]

Acting as if you feel good

A new guided Audio Meditation titled “Acting as if you feel good” has been added to the Member Downloads page. You’ll find it in the “Meditations for a better Feeling” Audios section. You will find that, by acting as if you feel better, you indeed feel better. Creating a positive inner state and attitude, independent […]

New Book: You can heal anyone

The ability to heal others is innate to every human being. It is not something you need to acquire, train, study or get certified for. It has been used instinctively by caring mothers, animal vets, soldiers tending to the wounded, religious pastors, energy-healers and many others through the ages. This new book by Frederick Dodson […]

Conscious Intention Marathon

A guided process to help you form and state intentions on every little detail of your wonderful life. This new recording has been uploaded to the “Member Videos” section of this website. It is one of hundreds of videos, audios and guided meditations available to Members. You can also rent it separately here: On Demand […]

Day 2 Videos of the Reality Creation Live Course now available!

I have uploaded 15 Video recordings of Day 2 of the recent Reality Creation Live Course in Orlando. Day 2 focuses primarily on healing. The morning sessions are about lifting your frequency and healing through group attention. In the afternoon I talk about repatterning, laying hands and commanding and then we practice these in group […]

Re-Do the Movie Scenes of Your Life

Every segment and event of your life can be experienced in increasingly better and higher versions. This is an absolutely life-transforming exercise by Frederick Dodson. This recording is available in the Member Videos (RC Silver) section of this website. It can also be rented separately from here: On Demand Videos.