The Roles you Play

I’ve uploaded a Live Seminar Recording. Participate in an exercise to help you uncover the identities that determine your perception and experience of reality and the higher self behind all the roles. This Video is available in the Member Videos section of this website, among more than 50 other Videos, or for $20 from here: […]

Treat people like they are healthy, not like they are sick

March 2021, exactly one year after Covid started and they told us it would be “over after two weeks of lockdown”, was the first time I was denied entry into a shop because I did not sign in with a “contact-tracing app”. The talk I had with the staffer was amusing: “I don’t have the […]

Reality Creation Articles 2021 – Part 1

Collected articles written in 2021. For older articles see the “Essays on Creating Reality” Book-Series.  This page is updated regularly as more articles are archived. Table of Contents That magical flow state where time slows down and space stretches Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you Without losing, there is no […]

New Audiobook – Essays on Creating Reality 5

Essays on Creating Reality is now available as an Audiobook, Paperback and eBook.  Essays 5: Collected articles, blog-posts and essays on reality creation, consciousness and society by Frederick Dodson in 2020.   Get the Audiobook on i-tunes, Amazon or on Audible.    Table of Contents Top 7 Reasons to Reduce Smartphone Usage Advantages of Handwriting […]

Why it’s empowering to talk less

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God”. John 1:1 “All of our problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room alone” Blaise Pascal “Your word is your wand. The game of life is a boomerang. Our thoughts, words and deeds return to […]

Shatter Your Assumptions

What are assumptions and how do they filter your daily experience of reality? What exercise will shatter your assumptions so that you can see without filters? This is an exclusive and rare live-seminar recording by Frederick Dodson. Beautiful ocean footage, filmed recently.  It is available in the Member Videos section, along with 45 other Videos […]

Your Power Within

Guided Exercise and Talk by Frederick Dodson. The world cannot make you happy. Take your power back and find happiness within. Click below to view.