4 New Lectures Uploaded to the “Money Training” Course

I have just uploaded 4 new lectures to the Money Training Course. Each of these short lessons can be accessed on the Money Training page or rented separately below. They are titled: Whatever you do, do it well Treating people kindly Work Environment sets the stage Let Go of the Quick Fix  

Backwards Visualizing

Use this advanced reality creation technique to give your subconscious a clear idea of the result you prefer and the intermediate outcomes required to experience the final one. This can also be done in writing or speaking. I took the film footage on a recent walk. Click below to listen or view.  

Is the world under a hypnotic Covid spell?

Someone pointed out to me that “Covid” spelled backwards is “Divoc”, which is a variation of the ancient Hebrew word Dybbuk.  In Hebrew, the letters v and b are interchangeable. According to Wikipedia, this is “a malicious possessing spirit, believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It supposedly leaves the host body, […]

Fourth Dimension – Guided Meditation

Fourth Dimension is a guided Meditation that helps you feel or visualize things from many different viewpoints for a better grasp of the things you wish to manifest.  This is a live-seminar recording that has been uploaded to the Member Videos page (among hundreds of other audios and videos in the Member Pages).  This recording […]

New Audiobook: The Secret History of Polynesia

The Secret History of Polynesia is now available as an Audiobook from Audible, i-tunes and Amazon. Read free sample chapters and a full description of the book here: The Secret History of Polynesia.  If you read the book and enjoyed it, please hop over to Amazon and leave a review. Much appreciated!   

Another “virgin” of yourself – a true and funny story

About 10 years ago, in Coaching with someone who barely knew English. She pronounced the word “version” as “virgin”. She was talking about “becoming another version of herself, as talked about in my books. But the whole time I understood “virgin”. At the time it was awkward. In retrospect it’s quite funny. An unedited transcript […]

Reality Creation Articles 2021 – Part 2

Collected articles and blog-posts by Frederick Dodson in 2021 – Part 2. Find Part 1 here. For older articles see the book-series “Essays on Creating Reality“.    Table of Contents  The U.S. owns patents for flying saucers that can travel air, land and water Four Amazing things about Washington D.C. you didn’t learn in school […]

Reality Creation Articles 2021 – Part 1

Collected articles written in 2021. For older articles see the “Essays on Creating Reality” Book-Series.  This page is updated regularly as more articles are archived. Table of Contents That magical flow state where time slows down and space stretches Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you Without losing, there is no […]

Ask Me Anything 2021 – Video Response

Below the Video you can find a list of questions answered in this session. These were chosen among the first fifty that came in. Thanks for all the FUN questions! And remember: All answers are my viewpoint only, subject to error and change! Questions answered in this session: 1. Can I reverse my fate? 2. […]