Out of Body Travels

Up until age 25 I used to slip out of body naturally. Today it would take deliberate retreat and exercise to do it. That’s because I’ve been mingling with earthlings, I’ve been earth-focused. And it doesn’t interest me because I’ve already been there. Once a thing is mastered, you naturally let go and put attention […]

Blind Trust

I used to walk a mile to work with eyes closed. In 1994 I was taking a subway to work every day. Then I’d walk a mile to reach my workplace (I worked as a coach for a business training company). My colleagues spotted me walking backwards or with eyes closed. At first they were […]

The sense of being stared at

One of the experiments I did in my large-group seminars is have a person stand in front, with their back to the group. When I put my thumbs up, the group would focus attention on the person. Thumbs down, the group would focus elsewhere. Nine times out of ten, women knew when they were being […]

Lucid Dreamscapes

Lucid dreaming is knowing that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. The heightened state helps you experience the out-of-body dream-state that you’d normally miss because you are sleeping.  Advanced stages of this state go along with deep insight, extrasensory perception, precognition, telepathy, travels to other realms and even time-travel. First and foremost, lucid dreaming is FUN […]

Secret Remote Influence and Entrainment

In a recent Levels of Energy course I conducted a group experiment. The group formed a circle with a blindfolded person in the middle. The group leaned their body in one direction, while focusing on the blindfolded person in the middle. The idea is that the blindfolded person’s body will soon begin leaning in the […]

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