New Audiobook: Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic

Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic is now available as an Audiobook from i-tunes, Amazon and Audible. Click Here to Listen: Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic Or click here to view the ebook, Paperback and Hardcover version as well as listen to a sample chapter. 

The Fake History of Chicago

In school, History felt boring. Today I realize it bored me, because it’s fake. The feeling of boredom served to tell me it’s fake, but I didn’t get the message. I thought boredom meant, it’s not for me. How fake is the History you learn in school and on TV? Is it a little fake, […]

Can you really travel to Antarctica?

– This is an excerpt from the book Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic by Frederick Dodson-   Can you really travel to Antarctica? Imagine there is a large Continent the size of North America. 14.2 million square km or 5.5 million square miles, to be exact. Now imagine that no private person, expedition, researcher, […]

New Book: Mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic

The premise of this book is that there is more going on in the Arctic and Antarctic than we are told by our Governments. Some of the questions explored: Is it really possible for anyone to travel to Antarctica? Why is the Arctic Circle so heavily militarized? Why does Google Earth use photo-manipulation in their […]

Mobile Phones 120 years ago?

Imagine being able to make phone calls by tying a cord to an Umbrella. Truly a forgotten art, but you can enjoy it in this quirky 100 year old video (video may take a few seconds to appear below): These ladies were using a crystal radio. The first time I saw it, I was trying […]

The Mystery of 1000 years Missing from Galleria Umberto

“From one thing, know ten thousand things” Miyamoto Musashi Foreword The purpose of this article is to show that nothing is as it seems. Drop your assumptions, then even this random building in Italy, becomes an adventure. While my last article only took 15 minutes to write, this one took about 20 hours of research, […]

Fairies from Outer Space

This is another free excerpt from my upcoming book “The Secret History of Polynesia”. The book uses Etymology, Metaphysics, Mythology and Religion to uncover our Hidden History. Another excerpt from the book is available here.  While researching ancient Polynesia, the word for “star” kept coming up as “Fe”. This is the ancient European word for […]

The Secret History of Polynesia

The following is an excerpt from my book “The Secret History of Polynesia“. It expands on research presented in my book Extraterrestrial Linguistics. There, I showed that the language of the native people of New Zealand – Maori – is very archaic German. In my upcoming book I present more evidence of this and other […]