How secret societies exert hidden spiritual mass-influence

With my seminar-group I conducted a strange exercise that revealed something important about hidden influence.   A group of about 10 people stand around 1 blindfolded person (we were 70 people, so there were 7 circles).   I instruct the people in the circle to all lean in one direction, showing them, not saying it […]

New AUDIOBOOK: What do you know about human harvesting? An investigation of the alien-reptilian presence on Earth

The audiobook version of “What do you know about human harvesting?” NARRATED BY FREDERICK DODSON is now available on Audible and i-tunes.  The book so controversial, my regular narrator refused to do it. The book so controversial, I got uninvited to a 2024 “higher consciousness” conference. Get it here from the U.S.:… From the […]

NEW BOOK: What do you know about human harvesting?

Because of personal experiences and spiritual realization, the author embarks on a quest to find out whether there is an anti-human or alien reptilian presence on, above or under Earth seeking to harvest human beings as energy, food, slave labor, for sex and other purposes. Among the many “forbidden” subjects covered in this book: The […]

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