You’re responsible for your sovereignty

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Frederick Dodson

A UK national by the name of Tony Rooke decided to stop paying his TV license in 2012.

He went to court and said that the BBC intentionally misrepresented the 9/11 attacks. They reported on the collapse of building 7 (which wasn’t even hit by a plane) more than twenty minutes before it happened.

Unsurprisingly, Rooke won his court case.

What do we learn from this?

a) You are responsible for your sovereignty. Just because the Government tells you to pay this and this fee doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legit. Push back.

b) The mainstream version of 9/11 doesn’t hold up in a court of law. There’s a big difference between what TV tells people to think and what is REAL under critical examination.

In my own life, I have saved mind-boggling amounts of money because I was willing to


the things being asked of me by Governments and Corporations. I won’t go into detail here, except to say this:

Some people make money off of your ignorance of the law or your rights.

As a human being you have the right

* of free choice
* of free information
* of free passage
* to privacy
* of partial ownership of all things on Earth
* of full ownership of things you made or bought
* to defend yourself and your property
* to reproduce

As a human being you are asked to abide by these laws:

1. Don’t injure or kill anyone
2. Don’t steal or damage anything owned by anyone else
3. Be honest, don’t cheat anyone.

Disputes arising from these should be dealt with by normal people within the local community. If you don’t follow these rules, you are isolated from the community.

Anything beyond these simple guidelines is a racket. We’ve created this gigantic construct called Government and collectively allow many such rackets. For example:

“You must pay income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, council tax, road tax, value added tax, import tax, sales tax, TV license fees, fuel levy, loan interest and hundreds of other things”

If the majority of people don’t agree with all these fees, then why are we paying them?

“Because the Government says that we must. Otherwise we go to jail”.

Who is the Government if not we-the-people? And if most people don’t want to, then we-the-people CAN change that if we-the-people become more educated in law and the political process instead of leaving the entire field to crooks.

That’s only one of many examples. How many people really support sending untold hundreds of billions to foreign wars? Only 20%? Then why do we keep doing it? And if these 20% were not subject to TV-hypnotic-conditioning, how many would support it?

A lot of things “happen” that would not find the support of the majority of people if taken to the vote. Many of these things are even decided by the unelected.

Get involved.
Know the law.
Know the political process.

In my book “What do you know about Human Harvesting?” I identify the following four powers that you can use to push back against the anti-human agenda:

1. Lawsuits
2. Citizen Journalism
3. Small Business
4. Spiritual Work

I elaborate on each in the book. I have successfully engaged in each of these throughout my life and so can you.



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