Your blessings are always more than your troubles

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

List your troubles. Then list your blessings. I’d bet that, in 99% of times, your list of blessings is longer than your list of troubles.

How do I know? Because the Universe is a friendly place. Just a little love is required to increase your blessings but a whole lot of negativity is needed to increase your troubles.

Gratitude increases your blessings. The more grateful you are, the more reasons to be grateful life gives to you. The more you complain, the more things life gives you to complain about. Can it get any simpler than that?

A recent example: I know of a father and his son who recently went fishing during a “covid lockdown”. A patrolling police boat used a loud-speaker to get them to return. Upon their return, they were both arrested. During the same lockdown, I “illegally” went playing tennis, on three different instances. Even though surrounding neighbors saw me play tennis with a group of people and even though I passed police cars on my way there, I wasn’t stopped or checked and I wasn’t arrested.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to make the point that the reality we experience is no coincidence. In spite of the global takeover by belligerent fascists and communists, some people are still relatively free. I won’t allow myself to go into fear or hate, because I don’t wish things to get even worse. I feel nothing but compassion for both the people and police officers. I imagine how hard it must be for the officer: Does he really have to arrest the boy and his dad for fishing? He swore to do as he is ordered. But arresting two people who are causing no harm and simply trying to acquire their own food, independently, seems so unjust. What a dilemma!

But even here, I acknowledge that the reality they are experiencing is no coincidence and will help them grow either way.

But wait, there’s more. Yes, your list of blessings is longer than your list of troubles. But even your troubles contain hidden blessings. Every item of trouble that enters your life, is a blessing in disguise. Both your blessings and your troubles are blessings! You are double blessed!

I have said that every trouble you face in life, is a test from the Universe. You are being tested on whether you can maintain a positive state in spite of temporary difficulty. But it’s more than just a test, it’s a blessing, because the problem or adversary helps you become a higher-version-of-you who transcends the issue.

Realize that the trouble you are having could have been so much worse, but it isn’t. You are never given more than you can handle. How much worse could it have been? If you think our current crisis is bad, you’ve probably never seen a documentary of world war II. Things can get so much worse. And they will if people succumb to fear and hate.

Realize that the trouble you are having is not within you. You can change your inner reaction and state. All trouble is external to Self.

Realize that the trouble you are having is limited within space and time. There is something beyond it. Rest in the space beyond it.

Now stop complaining about it, and count your blessings. If you wish your blessings to grow.

If the world is in a crisis, it is because there are too many ungrateful people. You think that’s a controversial statement? Look closely, and you’ll find ingratitude is the only reason there is any trouble. If you wish to see a better world, emphasize what you appreciate. Likewise, if you wish for a person to  continue doing something, do not expect it, appreciate it. Demanding, Expecting and Complaining won’t change a thing. Appreciating will change everything.


  1. Name some trouble in your life
  2. What’s the hidden blessing of that?
  3. Name what you’d like to experience instead of that.
  4. List things you are grateful for (related or unrelated to the trouble)

Be blessed.


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