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Frederick Dodson

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab operated between 1979 and 2007. It was about “the scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems and processes common to contemporary engineering practice”. Its goal is to “enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality”.

In one of many experiments, a computer randomly generated an equal number of pluses and minuses. A person sits in front of the computer screen, watching a line representing those pluses and minuses. The person tries to mentally influence the machine to produce either more pluses, by thinking “go high” or more minuses, by thinking “go low”. The results of the experiment were a phenomenal success. If a person thinks more pluses, the machine makes more pluses. If a person thinks more minuses, the machine makes more minuses.

This should have made international headlines, but it seems MSM is not interested in news that is building, only news that is breaking.

Something even more astonishing was discovered during this experiment: The people most successful at influencing the machine spoke of “becoming one” with the device or “falling in love with it”. The machine followed the person’s commands if the person aligned or harmonized with it.

In my 2006 “Parallel Universes of Self” book I spoke of “synchronizing” with the thing you desire. I also reference “merging with” and “taking on the viewpoint of” things you wish to manifest. In my 2023 book “The Electromagnetic Self” I talk about using this power for nefarious “black magick” purposes in that some people seek to take control of another person’s decisions by psychically merging with them.

An actor in a movie can only successfully transfer believability in a character by becoming one with it. If I become the role, with no separation between me and the role, the audience also believes it. If I don’t fully merge but stay dissociated or uninvested, my acting will feel hollow and uninspired and the audience gets bored.

The same applies to “real life”. In Reality Creation Coaching I teach that you must identify with already having what you want. Any remaining wanting, wishing, hoping shows you are not fully merged, not identified, not aligned with what you’d prefer to experience. If you act like you already have it or are already that, there is no wanting, there is appreciating. There is no longing, there is gratitude.

The difficulty of undercover-cops is that they have to become like criminals to gain acceptance of and access to other criminals. Many films have highlighted this fascinating dilemma. How low can I go without myself becoming corrupt? How much can I identify with the role without manifesting it? Undercover cops almost create a split-personality to be able to handle the dilemma.

I used to do have a remote-influence exercise in my seminars. I’d ask my students to go for a walk outside, to spot a person who is sitting or standing and to merge with them. They were to project their entire consciousness into the person, to stand like them, mimic their facial expression, body posture and attitude. “Be that person”. Then they were to suddenly move their arm up or scratch their face or turn around (you’d do this with your body while feeling you are the other person’s body). The results were shocking. In more than 60% of the cases, the person influenced made the exactly same motion.

You’ve probably already noticed this without such an elaborate technique. Your attention is on someone or you’re appreciating someone. Then you move an arm and they also move. Or you scratch your nose and they also scratch it. This means that the two of you are someone synchronized or have attention on each other. You didn’t even have to fully merge and already had some influence.

I quit using the merging-technique in seminars. It’s unethical. But you should still know about it because there are people who use it. A negative side-effect of merging with people, by the way, is that they can also influence you and you get some of their energy. How do you avoid being manipulated or influenced? Only through awareness. You don’t have to go along with every motion, movement, command, activity, trajectory, tendency, wave, impulse, habit, trend.

It’s unethical to use this to influence humans, but it’s not unethical to use it to influence yourself. “Who would you have to be to easily attract what you want?” If you can answer that question and then convincingly play the role of the person who already-has-that, you shall attract it into your life. You attract whatever you resonate with, appreciate, are aligned with.




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