Word-Integrity and Personal Power

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Frederick Dodson

If you want your words to manifest as reality, first learn word-integrity.

If you announce or promise a thing, make sure it comes true as you said it would.

If you don’t know whether it will come true, don’t say it.

A lot of people struggle with this. They say XYZ but XYZ doesn’t happen. The subconscious is always listening and concludes:

“This person’s word has no power. No reliability”.

If you say “I’ll be there at 6 pm” and you show up at 7 pm, you are undermining your ability to create reality with your mere word.

But if you say “I’ll be there at 6 pm” and you are there at 6 pm and your word can be relied on, your subconscious assumes that whatever you say stands as truth & manifests as reality. 🎯

So when you later say “This project is going to be a massive, massive success!” your subconscious is willing to believe you, based on past experience. 🔥

But what if you really, really, really can’t make it by 6 pm? Then you should have said “I don’t know if I can make it by 6 pm but I’ll try” or “I’ll be there between 6 and 7” or “I’ll be there after 6 pm” – any of these statements would have kept you in word-integrity.

Your subconscious will thank you (and so will your friends, colleagues and customers).

Why do people disregard word-integrity? Because they don’t know they’re harming themselves. Or because they’re insecure and trying to promise stuff to appease or make an impression, without knowing whether they can keep their promise. Or because they mis-perceived the situation and later change their mind. Or someone pressured them into saying “yes”.

A BIG advantage of increasing your word-integrity is that you’re not easy to attack. People looking for dirt on you, won’t find any.

In a live-seminar someone said “So Fred, you said nobody should take any vaccines”. He went on to trash “my position”. After he was finally done, I said:

“I never said nobody should take any vaccines. I said that I personally, did not take the 2020-22 Covid vaccine”. Big difference. I am conscious of what I say because I am karmically responsible for what I put out. There are always people who misquote you or use strawmen because they can’t attack the exact words of a person using word-integrity.

Your personal power and influence begins through building word-integrity.

This technique is taken from my video course “Reality Creation and Manifestation”, 2016 by Frederick Dodson.

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