Withholding Information is a Spiritual Error

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Frederick Dodson

Sitting on knowledge disrupts its flow. If you wish to gain more knowledge you must first share more knowledge. If you wish for others to be more honest, you first have to be more honest. If you wish to live in a world were people are more frank and open, you have to be that.

A mirror won’t smile before you smile.

People who keep a lot of secrets commit spiritual transgression, depriving their fellow humans of making sense of things they feel intuitively (depriving them of making a mind-heart connection).

The further up your level of consciousness goes, the more your private persona is aligned with your public image. Who others think you are and who you actually are start matching more and more. If the two are radically different, you are “out of integrity” with the “whole”.

The further up the scale of consciousness, the more your beliefs and creeds are aligned with your actual experience. People who claim to believe one thing but experience another are lying to themselves. They are hypocrites.

What have you been withholding that you could now communicate? Speaking freely and bravely gradually dissolves a subconscious because nothing withheld means needs to be stored.

What have you been dishonest about that you could now admit? Speaking honestly gradually dissolves a subconscious because nothing hidden means nothing needs to be stored.

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