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Will extraterrestrial contact cause mass hysteria or mass awakening?

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

There is a guy by the name of Haim Eshed .  He says that some of our Governments are working in an alliance with a “galactic federation of extraterrestrials” and their spaceships and that our leaders have been forbidden to tell the general public because it would cause mass hysteria.

The seemingly far-out claim carries some weight because of who Haim Eshed is. His CV says that Eshed…

  • was Colonel and Brigadier General in the Military Intelligence Directorate of Israel
  • worked in the secretive Unit 81 which provided advanced technology to the IDF (Israeli Defense Force)
  • is a professor of aeronautics and astronautics
  • was the Director of Space Programs for the Ministry of Defense in Israel
  • chaired the Space Committee at the Ministry of Science in Israel
  • is credited with being the father of Israels space program
  • is responsible for the launch of 20 Israeli satellites
  • is decorated with several of the highest awards of the country.

The reason I am listing these credentials is to make a point: None of these accomplishments protected him from being attacked as a total madman by our dumbed-down press.

From the link above:

“In December 2020, Eshed claimed in an interview with Israeli national newspaper Yediot Aharonot that the United States government had been in contact with extraterrestrial life for years and had signed secret agreements with a “Galactic Federation” in order to do experiments on Earth, and that there is a joint base underground on Mars where they collaborate with American astronauts”.

There have been many people of rank and expertise, telling us similar stuff about galactic alliances, secret space programs and beings in outer space. These sources usually also say that it would lead to “mass hysteria” and “hospitalize” people.

But would it? Really?

I don’t think so.

Anyone reading this, having a breakdown? No? I didn’t think so. Humans can handle a whole lot more than a couple of aliens.

Throughout History, many unexplained phenomena have been reported. They lead to wonderment, not to mass hysteria. Thousands of years of storytelling, have prepared us for the possibility that something is “out there”. In fact, we’ve already been visited many times. If we believe ancient scripture, beings from other worlds used to live among us, thousands of years ago.

Whether spaceships are flying around above me or not, doesn’t change the fact that I am going to take a shower in the morning, then get to work and maybe, a little later, have breakfast. Extraterrestrials are not such a big deal.

Why then, does it feel like mass awakening is feared, avoided and suppressed? Because it will tear us out of our cozy little world? But it won’t. A spaceship flying to Mars has about as much impact on my life, as an airplane crossing the Ocean.

Or is it that those spacefaring beings are so horrible, we couldn’t handle it? I doubt it. Those who stay hidden are the ones more likely to be afraid. If they weren’t afraid of us, they’d be out in the open. Perhaps they wish to remain secret so they can go about their Business unobstructed.

The other day, a student of mine, who works in real estate, said this: “I’m keeping all of my (house) listings secret. If I reveal them, they’ll be stolen from me”. I found that statement interesting. Keeping secrets ensures his survival. It’s human nature to use secrecy to hoard power. The people keeping non-terrestrials their secret, then promote excuses such as:  “Those poor humans need to be protected from the psychological shock that disclosure would bring. “. That’s not much different than saying: “I didn’t reveal that I was cheating on you, because I wanted to protect you from the hurt”. But keeping the cheating a secret does not protect from the hurt, because the lie can be felt subconsciously. We are all connected. And so we get paranoid because we sense “something is going on”, but don’t know what.

Ignorance isn’t bliss. Even though truth can hurt a person initially, in the long run it is always healing. If extra-terrestrials were revealed today, worldwide, it would bring humans closer together. Regardless of whether these non-terrestrials are benevolent.

According to my book Extraterrestrial Linguistics, however, something entirely different is going on. And I mean completely different. Aliens are Us and we’ve always been interstellar travelers. Those UFOs you see in the sky are piloted by our cousins. We ourselves came from the stars. Planet Earth and the space around it, is a lower realm that causes Amnesia of the higher realms we came from. So the real reason we don’t know anything about these “Aliens” and “UFOs” is because of our own unawareness in this low-density realm. Hard to believe? Read my last two books!


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