Why naive people are better manifesters

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a passage from my 2022 book “You can heal anyone“: 

Here’s a strange fact I don’t like to admit. It provides some real insight into how things work: I’ve had the best healing success with people considered uneducated, dumb or simple. Their heads are not filled with all of these so-called facts and limitations. I can come to their house and say “back pain be healed” and it’ll heal. With simple people there’s no intellect-filter there’s just naïve belief. I’d rather not admit this because I don’t like being naïve. I prefer to hang out with a doctor, not the village idiot. There are serious drawbacks to being easily programmed. Mass media brainwashing is so successful because you have a lot of easily programmed people. They think the programmers have their best interests at heart. I prefer people who can’t be deceived. But if I say to those smart people “back pain be healed” they might not heal because they’re not that easily influenced.

You see the problem? I’ve encountered this throughout my coaching career. The problem is not with intelligence as such. It’s with the stuff intelligent people have been filled with and filled themselves up with. The cup is full and overflowing, so nothing new can happen. Their beliefs are fixed. Many of their so called “facts” aren’t even true.

So how can we balance these two sides? By having a tough mind and a soft and open heart, and to know when to switch between the two. You turn on tough mind when you’re skeptical and need to filter and you turn on the heart when you want to let the positive in. When I say “back pain be healed” it’s not a time to activate your tough and discerning mind or critical thinking it’s time to open your heart and naively accept that your back pain is healed.  But when we negotiate the price for your session that’s when you activate the tough mind. For negative things be very discerning, for positive things be undiscerning.

Maybe you notice how the innocent child-like heart is derided in society. It is mocked as air-headed, cheesy, cheap, naive, unrealistic, silly, fantastical, immature and crazy. You might like a particular new-agey poster with sparkling pink dolphins on it but not purchase it because your friend will mock it. You might be into 1950s faux-hawaiian lapsteel guitar music but hide it for the same reasons. You might wish to say to someone “I really just appreciate your presence” but withhold the words because you don’t wish to be ridiculed. I’m here to tell you that upbeat things are not “cheesy” or “silly”. What’s truly “cheesy”, anyway? If you’re jaded and cynical, beaten down by life, expecting nothing good, then everything is cheesy, even a couple holding hands at sunset. Sure, images, sounds and movies come in many quality categories. Positive movies can come in high or low quality and the same goes for negative movies. But one persons “cheesy” could be another persons spiritual bliss. People who wish to appear super-tough and deny anything child-like or magical, are actually super-soft inside. They cover it up by pretending to be hard. A person could have the most “badass” tattoos and the loudest motorbike but hiding behind that is a usually a little teddy bear. And people who pretend to be super-rational and “scientific”, rejecting anything imaginative or creative, are usually covering up deep disappointment earlier in life.

Some people know a lot about manifesting and the miraculous but they don’t experience much of it, whereas others hear such teachings only once and are healed or manifest immediately. That’s because miraculous manifestation or healing is not about amassing knowledge but about an open heart. You can be an expert on all of this but you still won’t experience it without the open heart.

There are certain things that only super-uneducated and super-smart people get. The people in the middle, between those two extremes, are filled with too much “education” – thousands of concepts and concepts about concepts. Uneducated simpletons do not walk around with all that baggage and can see many things more clearly, looking with their hearts. The super-smart can also see it because they eventually transcend mainstream education by thinking for themselves.

So let go of everything you know and allow everything to be more amazing, as if seeing people, things and places for the first time, without prejudice, free, open and in awe.


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