Who would I have to be to easily attract that?

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Frederick Dodson

I invented this technique 20 years ago because I had been seeing clients who all asked the same weak questions:

“How can I achieve it?”

“How can I get it?”

“What should I do to achieve it?”

These questions position you into lack. You envision yourself at point A, separate from point B and then you somehow have to “get it”. If overused it turns into a mind-prison where what-you-want is always out of reach and you just have to “perform” a little more to be fulfilled.

In reality, you are a divinely created being, fully equipped with the creative and intuitive powers, already whole and complete, long before you “get it”. Your happiness and strength are not in the future, not in an external object.

When I ask the question “Who would you have to be to easily attract it?” you get images. Getting a sense of the mood, vibe or feel of those images is what’s going to gradually reprogram your subconscious into a better you.

And if you don’t get images, I’ll ask: “Do you know of anyone who easily attracts that into their lives?” So you get images of someone successful. “Well, but that’s not me” some say. And I answer “Why not just enjoy the mood/vibe of it instead of disconnecting yourself?”

A practical example:

In March and April I had been on a losing-streak in Tennis. I didn’t know how I’d gotten into it. I lost every match I played. At first I didn’t care. But after two months of the same, I realized I wasn’t the same person I used to be on the Tennis Court. My play was timid compared to years before.

Later, after fixing it, I saw how it had happened: Half a year earlier, I had joined a team of people who played tennis one to two levels below me. I did it to “help them out” and also “to have an easier time”.

Did you know you gradually become like the people you hang out with?

Without my conscious awareness of it, my tennis started becoming just like theirs!

A few weeks ago I played a 2-set match against someone I had easily beaten half a year ago. I lost of the first set 0-6. I excused myself to a restroom break, where I asked: “Who would I have to be to easily win this match?”

I remembered easily winning against him. My arms and legs were making entirely different movements in those days. I returned to the court in a slight shift of mood.

I won the second set 7-6. I can’t say it was “easy”, it does take some effort to break an old momentum. But the third set, which I won 6-3 was fairly easy as my original tennis-identity returned.

From that match forward, my losing-streak was over. I won some, I lost some, but from an entirely different attitude. I was no longer playing as if I’m trying to adapt to weak players but hitting them as hard and unreachable as I liked.

Of course this applies to anything else. One small shift in inner “mood” created several changes in body posture, mentality, strokes, feeling, etc.

Apply it to anything!

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