Who are you, where are you, why are you?

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Frederick Dodson

Who are you?

Where are you?

Why are you?

I can’t and won’t answer these questions for you because your own pursuit and discovery is what brings joy and growth.

In moments of honesty, you realize you don’t have the answers to the most basic questions. It’s a humbling realization. Hundreds of millions of people claim to have the answers, but they don’t.

I don’t have the answers, but my pursuit of the questions has made my life richer and answered a lot of other questions. The closer I get to the answers, the more I see that who, where and why we are is very different from what I and many others ever imagined.

Beyond Imagination.

Who am I? Maybe it’s more appropriate to ask “What am I?” As you get closer to the answer, you’ll understand why. One day you might find that a spin-off of this question is

“Who created me?”

Another spin-off is

“Based on who created me, what am I capable of?”

A very practical spin-off question is

“What would I like to be?”

Ask “Who am I?” and it may take some time to find the answer. Ask “What would I like to be?” and the answer is immediate. Even so, the first question shouldn’t be ignored. It relates to origin. The second question relates to practical matters of daily life.

Where am I? You don’t know where you are because you don’t know where Earth or the Universe is in relation to everything else.

Is Earth a loving creation?

A simulation?

A terrarium?

A prison?

A projection?

A hologram?

A game?

How is it that so few people pursue this question? A related question is

“Where would I like to be?”

“And how can I make where I am more, like the place I would like to be?”

Why am I? Another way to say this is “What is my purpose?” Am I here with a mission? Did I come with a goal? If I did, what is it? If I didn’t, would I like to define a mission?

In my view, it’s a spiritual error to seek the answers to these questions from other humans. Don’t ask me what your purpose is, ask yourself. Don’t ask me what the meaning of it all is, define it for yourself. Defining, Deciding, Asking, Intuiting, etc. are skills you need to develop, not skills to outsource.

Is this a friendly or unfriendly place?

People are quick to answer this one way or the other, but realize that both can be beneficial. If it’s a friendly place then everything that happens, happens for a reason that benefits you ultimately. If it’s an unfriendly place, it will make you grow stronger and stronger and you become more enlightened the more you renounce the world. Maybe it’s both a friendly and unfriendly place?

Again, it’s not my job to answer for you. I’ll only tell you one thing:

As a human being you have the power to discover these things for yourself.

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