When you hide the truth because you don’t want to hurt feelings…

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Frederick Dodson

When you hide the truth because you don’t want to hurt feelings…

ask yourself this: How would I feel if someone lied to me because they didn’t wish to hurt my feelings?

Is that the kind of world you want to live in? Or do you wish to live in a more real world?

Withholding the truth to “make others feel better” assumes several falsehoods:

* That they are too fragile or stupid to deal with reality (seeing them this way, makes them this way)
* That you cannot be authentic in this world
* That lies make them feel good
* That truth will make them feel bad

The truth may feel “bad” short term, but it comes with long-term betterment for all involved, no matter the topic. Lies may feel “good” short term, superficially, but everything is known at a sub-conscious level. They will feel troubled “by something” but not know exactly what is bothering them.

People are too easily offended. The most innocent and simple words “trigger” people.

How have we become so fragile? It’s because people are not used to being told the truth. Because we withhold reality from one another.

A father withholds from his daughter that he’s an alcoholic as not to hurt her feelings.

The daughter withholds that she doesn’t care about getting an education and pretends to enjoy her university studies to appease her father.

A husband withholds that he looks at beautiful women because he doesn’t want to hurt his wife’s feelings.

Do you know how long this list could be? It happens every day, in the lives of Billions.

By withholding things, we prevent ourselves from releasing underlying emotional blockages.

People live at various levels-of-untruth and then they wonder why their Governments aren’t honest.

If you want to experience more honesty in the world, you must start with yourself. Not all at once. Ease yourself and others into increasingly more authenticity. Strive to become just a little more honest than you were yesterday, that’s enough. Watch the clouds in your life gradually disappear, making everything more colorful and radiant.

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