What your life looks like from a higher realm

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

In a higher realm, call it Heaven if you like, there is a cosmic library. In that library, there is a book of your life on Earth. You can open it and revisit any scene of your life as if watching a three-dimensional movie.

But when you relive the scenes, you experience them differently than you did when you were in a body, because you have spiritual sight.

Yesterday I took my wife to a pancake restaurant. She had a stack of  pancakes with strawberries. For me it was just an omelet. “That must taste like Heaven” I said. “Mhm” she mumbled while munching away.

“I used the word Heaven so that I can find this scene later in the cosmic library. I can find us sitting in this restaurant by doing a search of the keyword “Heaven”. It will bring up all scenes of my life where I used the word. Likewise I could also find all scenes where I used the word “Damn!” or anything else”. 

“Why would you want to find and replay this mundane scene?” she asked.

“When you’re in Heaven you’re not going to see this as a mundane scene. You’ll see there is much more going on. We are experiencing this restaurant wearing body and mind, which limits our perspective. Seen with spiritual eyes it’s amazing”.

She got it. “There’s a guy sitting over there talking to himself. I think he’s secretly saying blessings for the people in this restaurant. He’s a paranormal guy“.

Yup…that’s seeing this scene with spiritual eyes“.

She asked: “So what do you see from a higher perspective?”

“From a mind-view, I am judging your piling on pancakes, thinking it’s unhealthy. But that’s just my ego who denies himself such pleasures but would like to participate. From a higher realm I’d see that your excitement and appreciation over the strawberry sauce pancakes neutralizes any potential negative effect. Your love makes the meal healthy!”

I continued. “I just realized that the restaurant owner is in a legal battle against HQ. He’s trying to run his Business in a better way, without their impositions”. That just came intuitively because I was viewing with spiritual eyes.

If I wanted to integrate this spiritual insight, I’d have to go verify it. Then I’d ask the waiter if it’s true or go research. Too many intuitive insights without verification is unwholesome. Like watching hundreds of far-out youtube videos without ever verifying anything you see. Then, rather than being known as clairvoyant or perceptive, you’ll be known as a nutjob. 🙂

You can view any reality with mundane or spiritual eyes (see also  “The Enlightenment Technique” in the Members section of my website). From the higher view, you know all kinds of stuff you never learned. The other day I went shopping for a new microphone. I was facing a choice of a so-called “podcast microphone” that I hook up by USB or a handheld recording device without wires. I knew intuitively that the handheld device would give me much better recording quality.

I asked the store assistant: “Do you know anything about these devices?” He got me “the expert”. I asked which device would give me better quality recordings. He said the podcast microphone would get me better recordings “for sure” and listed all the reasons why. I was puzzled because I had intuited the opposite. So I purchased the podcast mic. On my way home I realized I had made a mistake. I caught myself once again not listening to intuitive knowing. I turned around and drove back to the store and got the handheld recording device, but kept the podcast microphone. At home I tested both. Sure enough, the handheld device was much, much better. The podcast mike sounded tinny and flat. The other one recorded my voice in full in pristine quality. It was like the difference between playing a Casio toy keyboard vs. a real synthesizer. We need to be clear on this: I know nothing about electronics. I turned my car around before even arriving home to test out my new microphone. I knew for certain that the other microphone was better, even against expert advice. From a mechanistic-view-perspective, it would be “impossible” for me to know that. This is simply non-local, spiritual-eyes awareness. You know things you never learned anywhere.

An Exercise in Non-Local Awareness

Run two fingers of the same hand along different surfaces at the same time. For example the floor and the sofa.

Realize: Each finger is unaware of what the other finger feels but you are aware of both.

Next, imagine you are one finger and the person next to you is another. Each person is unaware of what the other feels, but there is a non-local, higher-self that is aware of both!

Get it? You just experienced a spiritual-eyes perspective. If you were to rest in that perspective for a few minutes, you’d learn things that you wouldn’t have otherwise learned.

Think of a situation in your life. How might you see that from a higher realm?

Is there something going on that you haven’t yet seen?

How will you see it in retrospect, while looking at it in the cosmic library?




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