What will you do when roses hit the fan?

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Frederick Dodson

What will you do when roses hit the fan?

Someone asked me what they should invest in for when “shit hits the fan”.

I said why visualize that feces will hit a fan?

The doomsday crowd has always been wrong. Life on Earth just keeps going on and on and on, no matter how often they declare the end. And if it were to end, no amount of preperation can stop that. Then it would be better to pray than prepare.

And if there were a war or a zombie apocalypse, of what use are all the gold and silver and bitcoin? How are those going to help you? In such an event, people will want other stuff – ammo, propane gas, soap, food. Those would be truly good investments if “shit hit the fan”.

But it would be better to prepare for success, prepare for good times, prepare for the big stage, prepare for the world you envision, the world you would like. Because then you contribute to that world coming to BE.

What will you do when roses hit the fan?

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