What is intuitive compassion?

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

It’s when you spot a person and are mysteriously filled with compassion. As if a

higher power
is flowing
through you
toward the person.

This higher compassion is not pity or sympathy, not guilt-based nor trying to look charitable. It’s a


sense of care toward someone you know or a complete stranger.

They may or may not visibly look like they need help, but you feel they could use some

time or

Most people who feel intuitive compassion don’t do anything with it, they just stand there and wonder. This post is written to tell you to DO something with it. It is a prodding from ABOVE to assist or help the person (even if it’s just listening to them for a few minutes).

The mind is not naturally compassionate, so this compassion is from a higher consciousness.
It’s not to be mistaken with the “poor oppressed you” or “good samatarian” identity which goes around viewing people as victims. That’s a harmful projection.

You are being shown who could use some energy and that you’re the one to provide it.

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