What comes to you already belonged to you

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I have a friend who is a realtor. He has this piece of wisdom to share:

When I’m selling a house, there are usually several people interested. I can tell who is going to get the house, early on. It fits to them. Like it belonged to them from the beginning.  There is the exactly right Home for every person. If it’s not for them, there will be complications. They could still get it if they insist, but it’ll be a battle. If it’s theirs, things go smoothly. 

I understand and agree. We have different sayings to express this idea:

If the door doesn’t open, it’s not yours.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Every reality is already manifested long before it’s seen physically.

People think they are looking for houses, but energetically, houses are also looking for people. You think you are looking for the right car, but the car is also looking for you. Everything is energy correspondence, everything seeks to fit into energy-patterns. Things that belong to each other, effortlessly match up. The right-for-you house, partner, car is calling you.

Your job is to intend for or pray for the thing you prefer and do your best to prepare for it, but to leave the things you cannot control to the spiritual realm. You intend, then let go and have fun. As I say in The Flow State, perfect reality creation is a balance between control and release. Some things require your effort or change, other things require release of effort and trust in the process. When you are worried it’s a sign you are over-controlling. If you are neglectful, you are under-controlling. The ideal state for manifesting is to be awake and interested but unattached. If you can think of your manifestation and feel joy, it’s on it’s way to you. But if thinking of your manifestation causes tension, there are still things that require releasing first within you. Doubt tells you that you need to sit down and get clear about your thoughts and emotions or your course of action. If you feel the need to fix, rig or manipulate external reality to get what you want, you are setting yourself up for eventual failure because you are acquiring things that do not belong to you. Doing that has a cost to your physical and spiritual health.

My favorite pair of jeans cost $30. My least favorite pair of jeans cost $900. I keep wearing the $30 Jeans and never wear the $900 jeans. But I kept it for many years because it was expensive. I held on to something I do not want or need, because of the cost involved to get it, because it had some kind of artificially constructed “meaning”. But it didn’t belong to me. It didn’t fit to who I was defining myself as. The $30 Jeans really belonged. I wore it almost every day, without thinking twice. The value is not determined by the shop, it’s determined by you. If you wish to shop for things that truly belong, shop in a good mindset and ignore the opinions of salespeople.

Just like with a house, some clothes belongs and some doesn’t. You would be wise to discard all the clothing that doesn’t really belong. But most of us don’t do it. Just like we hesitate to release thoughts, connections and activities that don’t belong. But it would be wise, because it frees up space for better things manifesting.

To support my manifesting-ability, I’ve made it a habit to regularly clear out my drawers and wardrobe. I discard everything that makes me feel different than who I wish to be. Nothing unneeded accumulates.

I transfer this minimalist behavior to other areas. On this website, I had 20 unpublished articles. Some of them written more than a year ago! So I kept the best three and deleted the rest. That’s putting letting-go into practice! Letting go may seem painful initially, but it creates a clean slate from which better can emerge. If I still haven’t published these articles, it’s because I don’t feel them. That means they no longer belong to me or this website. Filtering out only the best, makes your life lighter.

What no longer belongs in your life? What belongs in your life? You can list these things and then discard things you do not use. You can de-clutter. “But what if I change my mind and wish to use it at a later date?” you might ask. That’s precisely the security-thinking that makes people hold on to external stuff they don’t need. If you really need it at a later date, you’ll find a way to get it. If it belongs to you, it will come to you.

On average, the rich are skinnier than the poor. The reason is psychological. Poverty-consciousness feels it needs to “save up for bad times”. It is expecting and preparing for bad times, so fat-reserves are stored in the body. Abundance-consciousness feels no need to “secure” the future. So a person who is abundant inside (whether externally rich or not), will not hoard a bunch of junk in their garage and there is less likelihood of hoarding food in the body. You can let go of things because you realize that you can re-have or re-create them any time.



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