What am I?

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Frederick Dodson

The physical body is created from an electromagnetic body, beginning with tailbone & sacrum at the bottom of the spine.

The center of this electromagnetic self is the chest or solar plexus and the second center is the head.

These are the electromagnetic identity-field we call “soul” or “I am”.

If a finger or limb is cut off by accident, the still-existing electromagnetic versions of the limbs or body part can still be felt. “Science” calls this the “phantom body” and “phantom pain”, but it’s simply the electromagnetic self.

This “phantom body” is your real self and under normal circumstances it doesn’t die. In my opinion, another body can be created or re-created from this electromagnetic self.

Some ancient legends say that a body can be recreated if you only have the tailbone or sacrum.

Certain animals, such as salamanders, have been observed to regrow their cut off or injured limbs. I’ve seen this happen once to a person in a prayer-healing context. It was “miraculous”.

Because the “phantom body” (what a dumb name given to the real self) and the physical body are interlinked, some people are obsessed with the body parts of saints (relics) or just body parts of the deceased in general (yuck) believing they can use them to gain an experience of “the other side”. But every being already has one part of thremselves on the other side.

The other side is much closer than you think, you’re in it all the time. Sometimes we don’t see or notice it like we don’t notice the tip of our nose because it’s too familiar. But if you pay attention and when the physical body is calm, you notice the electromagnetic self. It is the part of you that has will, compassion and consciousness and can stretch itself beyond the phyiscal body.

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