Weak leaders don’t want problems fixed

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Frederick Dodson

Weak leaders don’t want problems fixed

A good example is the issue of “illegal immigration” in the U.S. For as long as I remember, Republicans have been complaining about “hordes” of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Same narrative since more than 30 years. 🐉

Did they fix the problem when they got into power? Of course not! That would deprive them of their talking point with which they collect funds and gain votes. They DEPEND on the problem, they don’t want to fix it!

Most other countries don’t have this problem. They have legal immigration. Illegal immigrants are stopped at the border and turned back. Simple. If they are war refugees, exceptions are made, in cooperation with other countries.

In the U.S. we have two brazenly corrupt parties – the Democrats and the Republicans who help each other run toxic and false narratives. The Democrats open the borders under the guise of helping “refugees” and shame anyone as “racist” for objecting. Such would be unimaginable in most other countries. They keep conflating legal and illegal immigration. Opposing illegal immigration, as I do, is not the same thing as opposing immigration. I welcome LEGAL immigration. I have been a legal immigrant in three countries.

Then Republicans whine about it. But they don’t do anything. Next time voting season comes around, they whine about it louder. After votes were received, they go quiet about it and quit sharing videos of “hordes” marching through Mexico. How do people fall for the same thing over and over? Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone.

Their corporations welcome the cheap labor. It’s easy to exploit and enslave people who have no documentation. Who knows what really happens to these people if they are undocumented?

The problem won’t stop because both sides benefit from it.

Any issue ongoing for decades, such as

“the gaza conflict” or
“the war against cancer” or
“the war on drugs”

are artificially kept alive because they benefit certain people. These problems have fairly easy solutions.

I know this from my coaching work: People hold on to certain problems because they derive SECRET BENEFIT from them. To release the problem, I must discover the secret benefit.

Conscious leaders don’t require problems to justify their existence or vote. Problems are quickly fixed.

Here’s a mind-blowing question: What people would go out of Business if certain problems were fixed?

And there you have the cause of many “problems” in the world.

But shouldn’t we live in a borderless world? No, not at our current level of consciousness. If people in my neighborhood leave their doors open, bears will enter their house and cause damage within days. I don’t believe bears will come to my house – it’s an “energy field thing” to do with mutual respect between me and bears. But people are about 500 years far away from understanding the “energy field thing”, so until then, they ought to keep their doors closed if bears are around.

These problems can’t only be fixed “in the world”, they need to be fixed individually, at home FIRST. Fix them within yourself and you’ve made the world a better place.

Oh, and one more thing: The Democratic Party and the Republican Party need to be peacefully disassembled and thrown into the dustbin of History.

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