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Frederick Dodson

Disclaimer: I have not conducted scientific experiments, I speak from pure personal experience. What is good for me doesn’t have to be good for you. 

A year ago I began testing ways of treating water. I had a costly filter system installed which took out the choride, bromide, flouride and other stuff that made the water in my area taste nasty. Life is this simple: If something smells or tastes bad to you, it means it is bad for you. Using the filter system the water tasted good and we could drink water from the tap.

But I wanted more. I know there are sophisticated water systems out there, but I was looking for something simple.


Ozonators are semi-popular in the alternative health scene.

I got this exact Water Ozonator:


It sterilized my water. I went with it for a few weeks, offered it to others, including my cats, but they preferred my non-ozonated tap water.

I may be wrong, but I didn’t notice much difference. If anything, I was wondering whether sterilization had not only gotten rid of bad stuff but also any good stuff. The water seemed a little bland or unergized. I eventually quit using it and sold the Ozonator because it was taking up space and time without adding much improvement.

My Rating of Water Ozonation is 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. That means, I don’t know enough about it to be pro or con. Perhaps I am not seeing the positive effects at a more subtle level. That’s certainly possible. On the other hand, a lot of scammers like to claim “subtle effects” if you’re not seeing any. I probably won’t be using it again (but happy to be corrected if I’m wrong).

Water Vortexing

About 2 years ago I made a Video about Water Vortexing (still available here), based on the realizations of Austrian researcher Viktor Schauberger (the inventor of flying saucers). Drinking water as it runs in nature rather than through straight pipes “enlivens” it. At least that’s the idea. Back then I was using a simple device that connected two bottles and created a vortex when water was poured into the other bottle. Later I progressed to more professional water swirlers such as this one:

The product you see in the Video works well. Unfortunately the glass is fragile and I’ve already broken two of these, so I didn’t purchase it again.

My rating of water vortexing is 7 meaning it’s good, it works, it improves the “feel” and even the look of the water. My cats prefer it to non-vortexed water which is a sure sign. So why not give it a 8, 9 or 10 rating? Because I can’t say it’s an absolute must-have. I’d rate water directly from a mountain-spring at a must-have 10. 

Copper Bottle

When I first posted about my copper bottle one and a half years ago, some people got upset. They sent me emails and posted in my social media how “toxic” copper is, that I’m going to die early, etc. Moreover, I was told that “Even Tony Robbins warns against copper bottles”.

Well, that’s too bad, because I’m not Tony Robbins and I still use the same copper bottle. It’s this exact model and brand (no, I’m not getting any money for this endorsement):


I’m still using this particular bottle because I’ve seen other ones where the copper chips off and floats in the water (that’s really bad). This one doesn’t chip.

Why am I still using it after people have warned me? Dire fear-based warnings are 8 times out of 10 based on falsehood. When you reach a certain age (or consciousness level) that’s just something you know.

I have metal and glass bottles. Copper is better. The water tastes better.

A mind-blowing real-life experience: There’s a water-foundtain where I go play tennis. It tastes nasty, like sewage. In the rare case I run out of water and have to refill there. But I dread doing so, often choosing between going thirsty or drinking from the toxic sludge. I use the metal bottle because it’s twice as large as the copper one. But one day I couldn’t find the metal bottle so I grabbed the copper one. I ran out of water quickly and went for a refill. And to my great perplexity, the taste was fine! The copper was doing something to the water. It tasted cool and fresh. At first I thought “Hmm…they must have fixed their water system”. But the next time, I did a direct comparison. Out of a normal bottle it tasted bitter, out of the copper one it tasted ok. Not great, but ok. This is when I knew from personal experience that my copper bottle is good.

My rating of copper bottles as water treatment is 8.5. meaning very good for me. Why not a 10 rating? Because that would mean “good for everyone”, but I don’t know about that.

Yes, there are many more ways to treat water I just haven’t tried them yet. I have not gotten around to putting minerals, rocks and crystals into my water. I do not yet have one of those bottles with positive affirmations on them. Naturally, I do believe in “speaking on water”, “intending on water”, “praying on water”. I’ve tested this successfully many times. I rate blessing water a 10.





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