Want to accelerate self-improvement? Admit where you were wrong

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Frederick Dodson

In 1992 I wrote an article saying that by the year 2020, everyone would be enslaved through micro-chip implants.

I was wrong.

In 2001 I published a book claiming anyone could travel out of body.

I was wrong.

In 2010 I wrote in my book “Levels of Energy” that Bill Gates is a high-consciousness invidiual.

I was wrong.

In my 2012 books on Atlantis I claimed that Ancient Aliens built the grand structures of the world.

I was wrong.

I highly recommend you to be quick to admit to mistakes. It’s the only way forward.

People but the brakes on their development because they’d rather be seen as smart or be right than learn the truth. Put truth over Ego.

But with so many mistakes, who could ever believe or trust a word I say?

It’s like this: When you play baseball you’ll have

a hundred misses
before you hit a
homerun. 🎯

But if you’re afraid to “look bad” or make mistakes (thanks to punishment-conditioning in school) you will never hit a homerun because you’re not willing to swing the bat.

If you’re willing to miss, you’ll hit the target more often than most other people. 👈 Big disclosure.

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