Want proof that a human being IS LIGHT?

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Put a small group, maybe five people, in a large enclosed space such as a hotel conference room.

Completely darken the room. Cover all light sources and remove any electronics.

After some adjustment time, some of you will see where the others are.

I did this experiment in a seminar 25 years ago. Four students were sitting without changing location. They were to be silent and try to stay unnoticed.

I had assigned the four locations based on a map drawn the previous evening.

The other students waited outside for their turn. The hotel was letting me use a windowless room for the experiment. I covered the blinking smoke detector and the electrical outlets with black tape. If it were my house, I’d have also switched off the electricity.

Of the 15 students who participated in the experiment, three successfully located the exact locations of all four of their fellow students. Another four successfully located 2-3 students. Seven of the students were just guessing or didn’t see anything.

Half the group were able to see

“a vague light”,

“a kind of glow”,

“felt a presence”,

“noticed someone was there”

I had asked them not to close their eyes as this was about light-perception, not remote viewing.

50% saw or felt the others. The session was 5 minutes for each group. Had I increased it to 10 minutes or longer, I could have achieved a better result. I didn’t because most people feel uncomfortable in a completely darkened room.

The good news is: YOU ARE LIGHT!

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