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A vaccine against Fear

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

In the last weeks, I’ve received around thirty emails from people, asking me if they should take the vaccine.

But I’m the wrong person to ask, as I have about as much medical expertise as Bill Gates – none at all.

Even so, this article is a reply to all the emails, from my personal perspective:

More important than whether you will take the vaccine, is whether you live in fear or courage. 

Those who use fear to manipulate people into pre-determined choices, like to provide “two sides” to  give the Illusion of choice. Both sides are fear-based. In this case, the two “sides” are pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. Supposed “Anti-vaxxers” put out fear-information about people dying from taking the vaccine,getting horrible sores, becoming sterilized, how they put nanotechnology into vaccines, how it has tracking devices in it. Most of these “conspiracy theories” aren’t true, they are just put out there to obscure real conspiracies (such as financial ties between vaccine companies, labs in Wuhan and profiteering politicians). Do some people die? Sure. Just like some people die off of Covid or some people die by slipping on a banana peel or driving their car down the road. But just like with Covid, most people don’t experience any adverse effects at all.

On the “other side” we have the Covid-Cult, who treat everyone as sick until proven healthy. Around the world they preach their daily sermon of fear through what we now understand to be tightly controlled media-outlets. If this were a real pandemic, you’d be seeing dead animals and homeless people lying around all over the place. You wouldn’t have gift shops selling covid fashion. Custom Inspection would not only find traces of Cocaine on money, they’d find actual traces of Covid. And places that didn’t have lockdowns would be worse off than places that did. But that’s not the case. The whole thing is a fear-racket. That’s why it has to be repeated every day.

Why don’t we get this many alerts and reminders about Tuberculosis? 10 Million people contracted it last year and a staggering 1.5. Million people died of it. What about Heart Disease or Cancer, which are much greater causes of death than Covid? Why aren’t they not even getting a tiny fraction of the Budget and Attention that “Covid” is getting?

Because the ruling elite is urgently peddling something, trying to get a large number of people to act by using fear and repetition. The goal is a global health validation system, which will eventually turn into a global ID system and finally into a global social credit system.

The problem with that plan is that many people don’t fear, so the plan isn’t going to work, unless they unleash a real pandemic. Does that thought scare you? Well, it shouldn’t, because fear is what would attract such a mass-scenario. Fear in and of itself is a greater risk than any virus, any vaccination and any politician.

Is there a vaccine against Fear? Fear is the real virus. And the cure is Love. 

Some people are afraid of not taking the vaccine, some are afraid of taking it. My only advice is: Stop being afraid. 

If you’re afraid, it means you don’t know how powerful your soul is. A healthy soul-body-mind can easily handle both virus and vaccine.

So am I going to take it? Not right now, maybe later. I’ll watch you take it first. Not that I mind vaccines, but I do mind the authoritarian bullying, as in “if you don’t take the vaccine, you will never travel again”.

What is the best thought to have about the virus and vaccine? It is, that you will be just fine with or without it. That belief puts your body to rest. When your body is no longer tense, the immune system works better and you are overall healthier. The person writing here, hasn’t been sick or unwell in more than 30 years. That’s because I believe in fearlessness, hugs, courage and socially connecting – the exact opposite of the programming.

To be honest, I can’t even remember when I was last at the doctor. But I’ve already received 5 unsolicited alerts on my phone to go get a vaccine. I was listening to a podcast on my Amazon app the other day, but it kept getting interrupted by an ad for me to get a vaccine. That kind of repetitive propaganda bothers me, because it’s how you train robots and animals – through constant repetition they didn’t ask for. This kind of “advertising” unfortunately works, but it only works with people who haven’t awakened their spiritual-self. The spiritual-self is immune to repetition-drills, it is guided by Intuition.

In fact, a much greater problem than Covid, Vaccines or a anything else, at the moment, is the method and manner in which politics, large corporations and media work together to blast an internationally unified message into mass -consciousness, getting the majority to act. Their ability to use fear and misinformation to get the majority to take action, is too much power in the hands of a few. Today they can spread their fear-virus on the topic of Covid – how are they going to use this power tomorrow?

The best thought to have about this, is the idea that we, as individuals, can start taking back our life at a local level and develop a healthy skepticism and if necessary, a boycott toward mass-propagandized messaging. Boycotting companies that use fear-based programming lies in your power and has real-world consequences.



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