Update for Members and Video Course Owners

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Dear Reality Creation Members and owners of the Reality Creation Video Courses,

I have decided to remake and improve this website and its many products. There are many new and amazing products coming in 2022 and 2023, while many of the old products will be moved, removed or updated step by step.

As of today, the products “Video Courses and Life Seminar Footage” as well as “Reality Creation Membership” no longer exist. If you go check out the new Membership Sign Up Page, you will see that only one Membership in two levels exists:

Reality Creation Gold

Reality Creation Silver

ALL of my materials will be uploaded to one of these two yearly-subscription based sections. ALL products, videos, audios, live footage, webinars, etc. will be available for Members, including a 10% discount on ALL live events for Gold Members.

Anyone who has been a Reality Creation Member so far, now has the Status of Reality Creation Silver.

Anyone who already owns the Video Courses and Live Course Footage so far, now has the status of Reality Creation Gold.  Your membership and access will expire in one year from now. Once that happens, you will need to manually sign up again. That’s right, this material can no longer be offered as a permanent one-price product, because so much more goodies are coming. As an added perk, all Video Course owners now have free access to the Silver section (previously the Members section) too.

If you are a Silver Member (previously just “Member”), you will be given an opportunity to upgrade to Gold in the “Members Overview” section in a couple of days at a reduced price. Please check there in a few days if that interests you.

Essentially, the Gold section will include most Live Seminar Footage over the next years and all future Webinars. The Silver section includes audio streaming, audio download, several mini-workshops, recorded webinars, podcasts, recorded excerpts and videos from live courses and more.

The prices provide an enormous value at very little cost. I am 100% sure you will benefit from the materials already in these sections and the wonderful materials yet to come.

Happy Greetings,

Frederick Dodson





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