University-Study: Visible Light Radiated from the Heart

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I am quoting relevant parts of the Paper Visible Light Radiated from the Heart with Heart Rhythm Meditation.

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Research at the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen, Germany, in 1997, showed that it is
possible to produce visible light from the chest area under certain conditions. The first condition
is that the meditation technique must be heart-centered, not transcendent. Secondly, a specific
person with an actual need must be identified as a receiver of the transmitted light. Under
these conditions, a sustained light emission of 100,000 photons per second was measured, where
only the background count of 20 photons per second was observed without meditation.

The meditator disrobed and entered the air-conditioned, dark chamber, which was
then sealed. Inside the chamber, the size of a closet, were black blankets that the
meditator wrapped around himself for warmth. After approximately one hour,
the computer showed a background count in the chamber of 20 photons/sec,
regardless of whether the meditator was naked or wrapped. The delay of an hour
was necessary to dissipate the florescence of the body as it gives off the light that
it had absorbed from the ambient outside light. Nudity was required to eliminate
florescence from fabrics and to prevent static electric discharges.
Initially, the meditator tried to sit with the end of the cooled housing against his
bare chest. However, this proved to be uncomfortable as the metal tube was quite
cold, connected to the liquid-helium cooled photomultiplier, and he was not able to put his
legs under the table, so sitting was awkward. A decision was made to
sit upright in a chair with his chest approximately three feet from the housing.
At this point, the meditator began a series of meditations designed to increase
energy in the spine and heart and radiate light. These meditations included
kundalini practices, invocations of divine light, and dhikr.

In these meditations, energy is drawn up the spine from the earth by using
a strong inhalation with that visualization. Then the breath is held, with
attention placed above the crown. The exhalation is full and complete,
forcing energy down (as seen from above the crown) the spine and then forward
from the heart. The practice is extremely energetic, resulting in a feeling of
ecstasy and radiance.

These are Sufi meditations that use chanting, out-loud and silently, to create
vibrations that stimulate the heart and third eye. Specifically, the Arabic words
Nur and Mu-now-wirr are spoken slowly, with emphasis on the vowels, placing
the resonance of the sound in the throat and chest. They produce the sensation
of having a miniature sun in the chest.

The repetition of the Arabic phrase, “La illaha illa ‘llah Hu” is an ancient
prescription for entering into the consciousness of the One and Only Being.
It is performed with attention on the heart as the center of the experience and
results in a feeling of profound heart-centeredness.

There were some brief and erratic measurements of 37,000 to 45,000
photons/second while the meditator was meditating . Then there
were periods of 10 to 20 minutes with no readings, then again brief periods
of a few seconds of light. When light was measured, the experimenter told
the meditator of the results through a one-way audio link. (The experimenter
had a microphone and the meditator was wearing headphones.) This erratic
performance was very frustrating to the meditator, who was trying to use the
feedback as a guide toward more reliable light output. None of the meditations
produced consistent results, yet all produced light at some times.

After approximately ten hours of meditation, the experiment was called
off and the meditator emerged from the chamber. The experimenter
and the meditator retired to the experimenter’s home for dinner. The
experimenter’s son, approximately four years old, had come down with a severe
cold. The meditator, discouraged from the day’s efforts, retreated to his room
and slept.Early in the morning, the meditator awoke with an intense insight: the young
boy needed light for his healing. By 8:00 AM, the experiment was begun

After the meditator spent an hour in the dark chamber, the background count
returned to 20 photons/sec (Figure 3). Then the meditator did a healing
meditation in which he mentally placed the sick boy in front of himself and
“sent light” to the boy on the exhalation coming from his heart. This is a
technique of Heart Rhythm Meditation. This was, in comparison to the
complex and intense meditations of the previous day, a rather simple and easy
meditation. The effort required by the meditator was emotional rather than
mental and very minor in comparison to the previous trials of intense concentration.
The computer measured 100,000 photons/second consistently for half
an hour, until the meditation was stopped. This would be enough light to be
barely visible. It has been estimated that 1000 photons/sec entering the eye
are enough to create a visible sensation. Actually, only a few photons/sec
striking the retina are sufficient, but the eyeball absorbs nearly a thousand
photons/sec in its lens and fluid.

As a comparison, the meditator then unwrapped his wristwatch which had a
florescent dial and held it in front of his chest. The computer indicated 1
million photons/sec. In the dark chamber, with his eyes adjusted to the absolute
darkness, the light of the wristwatch’s dial seemed to be bright enough to read

Light generation was eventually achieved by the combination of effective
meditation technique and the intention of sending light to a specific patient
in need of healing. The meditation technique used is called Heart Rhythm
Meditation and is detailed in the book, Living from the Heart (Random
House, 1998), authored by the meditator. Without healing intention, in spite
of his best efforts using a variety of meditations he had mastered, the meditator
was not able to generate consistent light emissions.
The amount of light emitted from his chest and reaching a photomultiplier
directly in front, three feet away, was two orders of magnitude greater than
what is required for visibility, and one order of magnitude less than what is
required for reading with dark-adjusted eyes.
The results serve as a warning to those conducting objective experiments
in subtle energy where there is not a need for actual healing. It seems
that a known, specific receiver subject is necessary to empower the
transmitter subject. The emission of light from other angles and from other parts of the body was
not tested. Furthermore, the frequency of light was not measured, only the
amplitude in the instrument’s range of sensitivity

Commentary: Energy that serves a purpose or flows out of love, is stronger. Your emotional state has the power to generate real, measurable and tangible energy.

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