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May 9, 2018
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Turn off Wi-Fi to improve sleep and dream quality

A student shared with me, that when he began turning off his Wi-Fi transmitter at night, the quality of his sleep and dreams improved. I didn't pay much attention it at the time as I tend not to worry about externals and my sleep had always been good. But it was true that the prevalence of my dreams or dream recall, had reduced over the years. I took that as a natural consequence of my decreased interest in them.

Upon returning home and lying in bed one night, I became aware of the greenish light flickering from the Wi-Fi device in another room. "Indeed, why do I have this box on all the time?" I pondered. The students words echoed in my mind. There was no need to keep it running at night and yet, for the last 15 years I hadn't ever turned off a Wi-Fi device. Like so many others, and being an upbeat person, I had unquestioningly accepted it. Just out of curiosity, I decided to follow that students advice and to turn it off every night.

What happened then was a surprise to me. Dream intensity and recall improved instantly and dramatically. Where before I'd only remember my dreams about twice a month and it often felt as if I hadn't dreamed at all, I now dreamed in Detail every single night. Where before, my Lucid Dreaming was only occurring every few months, I had already had two lucid dreams in the first week of being Wi-Fi free.

Why this happened, I do not know. I did not expect it, nor have I ever researched the effects of Wi-Fi on the body, mind and soul. What I have now possibly learned, is that the energy from other transmitters can interfere with my own energy-transmitter. We consider all kinds of energy-transmitters but often forget that a Human Being is the strongest energy transmitter. The body-mind-spirit unit transmits electromagnetically all the time. We're not just a piece of meat, as taught in "school", we are pulsating units of energy. It therefore makes perfect sense that too many external energy transmitters might interfere with that a little. And it also makes sense that  we wouldn't care about the effects of energy-transmitters if we forgot that we ourselves are Energy. Of course, the higher your own energy-state, the less of an effect externals have on you. An analogy: When you are in good spirits, you might not notice the fly in your room, but in a bad mood that same fly can become really bothersome. There is no need to unnecessarily leave it on if switching it off only takes a second. I now turn off both my phone and wi-fi transmitter at night. A small change in habit that has had positive effects. 

I reported my success to this student and he explained to me that, in his view, its not the Wi-Fi that's the problem, the problem is that it is always sending on the same frequency. 

I understood this to mean that one can become entrained to a frequency and when switched off, there is an opening, a flexibility. Fortunately I live in a house and the next neighbor is at some distance. But what if you live in an apartment and your neighbors aren't turning off their frequency-emitters? Well, that's too bad.

But I don't mean to add another worry to your life. I don't think Wi-fi is the main problem. External reality is never the main problem. The main problem is that people have forgotten that they themselves are powerful emitters of energy. If they knew that, it would fairly easily neutralize any external bands of energy, in my view. I should be able to modify the "frequency I am attuned to", regardless of how many phones and wifi boxes are around me. I realize that this is why I sometimes go out into nature without a phone, to places outside of the net of frequencies - as an electronic detox of sorts. The method with which to elevate your own vibration above any other, is to connect with Soul, with Source, with Higher Realms. 

If you'd like to Experiment with this, I'd be curious to know whether turning off your Wi-Fi at night made a difference in the quality of your sleep and dreams. Feel free to comment below this article on my Facebook-Page  after a week  of going Wi-Fi free at night.