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Turn Negativity into Abundance (Full Workshop Recording)

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a full workshop given to a private group in 2021. Most exercises in this session, require more than one person.

The workshop teaches no-BS win-win approach toward customer care, complaints, attacks and criticism.

The full title is “Turning Conflict, Criticism and Negativity into Abundance”.

The length is 1 hour and 11 Minutes.

The Video background is landscape footage I shot on a bicycle trip.

I have uploaded it to the Money Training Course, which is part of the Video Courses section. This section now contains a staggering 64 recordings from Live Workshops and non-Live Training. (In addition to the dozens of Live Course recordings in the Members Section of the website).

It can also be purchased separate for $50 from here: Turning Conflict, Criticism and Negativity into Abundance.

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