How humanity is tricked into powerlessness

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Frederick Dodson

A human being is lovingly and divinely created, having powers of reality creation from birth. Souls are sent to Earth to see if they can remember their powers despite the Amnesia-barrier and bombardment with negativity.

The method to trick people into believing they are powerless is showing them a stage-play called “world events”. The theatrical psychodrama keeps repeating a certain pattern that leads to “learned helplessness”, a state defined as “behavior exhibited by a subject after enduring repeated aversive stimuli beyond their control”.

The pattern is:

  1. The ruling elite create a negative event (horrific, unjust, corrupt, tragic, violent or scary) and keep showing it via their news “programming”.
  2. The same ruling elite impose new laws and limitations for people in “reaction” and as “solution” to the event.
  3. The same ruling elite mock those who notice the lies around it as a “kook” or “conspiracy theorist”.
  4. The same ruling elite gradually reveal the corruption, scheme or conspiracy but there is very little or no justice and accountability.

Step 4 is the primary tool that reinforces powerlessness. It’s also the most overlooked step. The overarching message is:

Look at these crimes we’ve committed. What are you going to do about it?”

The so-called “average citizen” (you’re not average, you’re a divine being) believes he can do nothing about it, the crime is ignored and stored in the subconscious as powerlessness. The atrocities are so horrible that the majority go into denial, pretending it’s all normal. A good example is the CIA: “Sure, they did very bad things in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. And nobody was ever prosecuted. And there were no reforms. But hey, they don’t do bad things anymore! They keep America safe!”. They could intentionally be mass poisoning an entire town  as happened in 1951, experimenting on Danish orphans , trafficking Cocaine to the U.S., assassinating politicians (and a long list of stuff too dark to even mention on this website), but people would continue to feel all warm and cozy knowing they “have their reasons”. Then, after this rampage of crime, we’re told “Hey, go vote!” I laugh out loud when someone tells me it’s my “civic duty” to vote. You mean to tell me that the folks responsible for detonating nuclear bombs that tear a fabric through reality itself and completely destroy all lifeforms within hundreds of miles, are asking for my trust and vote? I don’t think so.

A few prominent examples of the 4-step method:

In 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on public television for all to see (step 1). The domino-effect was that prosperity declined and shadowy organizations gained a stronger foothold (step 2). Around this time, the term “conspiracy theorist” was invented by the CIA to deride anyone questioning the official narrative (step 3). In the 60s, already half of Americans doubted the official story. Today, due to the conspiracy being revealed in bits and pieces over decades, the broad majority of Americans doubt it. But their concerns were never addressed and the real culprits were never pursued. Most has been revealed but those responsible have since passed away and can no longer be held accountable (step 4).

In 2001 the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were struck and collapsed for all to see (step 1). This was at a time when the false alarms about the year 2000 had not come true and people were moving back to optimism. The Government used the shocking event against its own citizens, cracking down on basic freedoms and privacy. After being conditioned to hate Russians for 50 years, Americans were now being conditioned to hate Arabs (currently we’re back to the hating Russians script) (step 2). The official explanations put out by the “Government” left hundreds of anomalies unexplained, such as why WTC 7 collapsed. Some accepted the flaky official story so that they could return to their warm and cozy entertainment-lifestyle. People who asked questions were mocked and de-platformed. The “news-media” kept publishing stories about various facts being “already debunked”, which naturally created anger in many (step 3). According to polls, today more than 70% have doubts about the official story. And for good reason!  Those responsible, have never been held accountable for crimes against humanity (Step 4).

Side-note: There is the Internet-rumor that some villains among our rulers have been “secretly executed” or “taken to Gitmo” for crimes against humanity. Even at the slim chance that were true, secret justice of public crimes is not justice. The public subconscious needs to process wrongdoing and witness accountability, otherwise the issue is never healed and similar keeps happening. This is just really basic psychology and anyone telling you that justice has been secretly enacted is part of the problem.

Most Americans don’t believe their Government and yet the Government keeps operating as if all were well. That creates a rift in mass consciousness. Imagine this on a small scale: You don’t believe your spouse, but your spouse never addresses your concerns, not even a little. What kind of relationship does that create? It’s not a healthy one. Hidden resentment eats away at the fabric of society, opening the doors to anomie.

Here’s a big giveaway clue on how you know that these “terrorist attacks” are inside-jobs: The “bad guy” changes in step with the results the ruling elite are aiming for. Today the majority of mass-shooting, extremism and terror in America is allegedly conducted by “white supremacists” (Christian males). Around twenty years ago, they were committed by “Muslims”. And before that, the boogeyman were “the Soviets”. Why are Christian males now being targeted? Because they were the most vocal in their opposition to forced mass-vaccination.


It’s all BS, meant to divide people based on race, religion, gender, etc. The truth is that normal people are not as divided as they make it look. Despite thousands of years of intense brainwashing, most people get along just fine. That’s why all these tragedies need to be staged – to make it look otherwise, so that the circus can go on. The fact that most people get along just fine despite all the attempts to divide is proof of human power.

In 2020, Covid, Lockdowns, forced-mass-vaccinations, quarantine-camps and economic shutdowns were hoisted upon the world (step 1 and 2). It soon became apparent that people were only getting the flu which was counted as “Covid”. At the same time, the Internet was flooded with conspiracy-theories and anti-vaxxer info that contradicted the official narrative. Two entirely contradictory belief-systems were juxtaposed for all to see. And even though, by now, at least 60% doubt the official narrative, nobody has been held accountable (step 3 and 4). The difference to earlier campaigns is that with Covid they didn’t wait several years to reveal the truth. Both narratives were broadcast simultaneously. Some resentment was created between these two sides but even despite now nearly three years of intense brainwashing, these two sides still mostly treat each other “ok” when they meet in public life.

In 2021 “Joe Biden” said, on public Television “If you get the vaccine, you can’t get Covid”. He then showed the public that he is doing his civic duty by taking Covid shots. Then a year later, he announces publicly that he has gotten Covid. The lie and contradiction is blatant “in your face”, but it’s not addressed by any mainstream media outlet. To top it all off, you have some “fact checker” say that he never said what he said. All of that is by design. It’s psyop to get you to react, test your reactions and ultimately create either apathetic resignation or angry rebellion. But you are a divine being worthy of transparency, compassion and accountability, not a test-tube subject to use for social experimentation. Once you realize who you are, it’s game over for them.

People think something is being hidden and if only it were revealed there would be justice. The truth is that nothing is hidden. Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, places that supposedly “censor the truth” are absolutely drenched with trutherism. Even so, there is very little justice so far. Instead, they lockdown the world, steal elections, reveal one of many blackmail-schemes on “Epstein Island”, but not a single politician is prosecuted. It’s the “revelation without justice” method.

Revealing corruption without doing anything about it or without showing steps to justice, accountability, reform and transparency is not only a waste of time and energy but fundamentally disempowering. All it does is make people more angry. Anger = Lack of Power. By revealing what they are doing without allowing for justice, you are kept in powerlessness.

Over the years I’ve told people to stop sending me links to “conspiracy stuff”. But it’s not for reasons they think. They think it’s because I don’t believe in conspiracies. But the real reason is that at least 70% of the conspiracy-stuff is part of the conspiracy.

One example: The most-read “conspiracy theory” website in the world is It’s run by Alex Jones. I’ve never listened to anything this guy has to say, because it’s delivered with anger, the emotion of disempowerment. Before creating the biggest conspiracy-site in the world, Alex Jones worked for Stratfor, a company that is today known to be a CIA-Front. That makes Alex Jones a CIA employee. The guy goes on “revealing the truth” for decades without actually forming a positive movement that makes people more healthy or wealthy.

The purpose the perpetrators revealing their own crimes is humiliation, which is at the bottom end of the scale of consciousness. The Earth-Plane was set up to see whether these divinely created, super-powerful beings could be enslaved. That’s the game.

Another example: A few months ago a documentary called “2000 Mules” was published. Even though it was banned from regular media, it was watched by more than half the population in the United States. On it’s surface, the movie is about election fraud in 2020. But there is a subliminal message in the movie: That it’s somehow necessary or good to secretly track the phones of every citizen to know their location and activities at all times. Nobody involved in the movie seems to take issue with that. The message is “If we track every citizen, we can avoid election fraud”. According to polls half of Americans were already aware of the stolen election before “2000 Mules” came out. The movie merely provided additional evidence. This overwhelmingly sinister aspect of the movie goes unnoticed and unquestioned by most, because they are focused on something else sinister being exposed. If the movie had a positive agenda, someone would at least once have said something to the tune of “Even though we were able to prove election fraud with Geo-Tracking, it’s really concerning that anyones phones can be tracked to exact locations and that we are building databases on unsuspecting citizens”. Just that one statement would have elevated the movie to a higher state of consciousness. Instead, Americans are once again asked to give their implicit and silent consent to mass-surveillance, just like we did back when Edward Snowden revealed similar and we accepted it by not doing anything about it (well, I have done something about it in that I own an untraceable phone, but I’m referring to the general populace here).

The good news: You can make quite a jump in consciousness-level when you realize that some aspects of the game-board are designed to make you apathetic, sad, fearful and angry but you intend not to fall for emotions that disempower you.

Did anything in this article make you feel fearful or angry? Then you’re too easily triggered. It’s not an image or article that “makes” you feel anything. You are the one making yourself feel a certain way.

Their power is illusory, only upheld by our own indifference. Remember when, in this year of 2022, the crowds in Sri Lanka non-violently stormed their Parliament building, forcing the ruling elite of the country to escape? That’s how easy it is. Their charade could be done in 5 minutes. They don’t want you to know how easy it is. The moment you awaken from apathy and retake your personal power, the demons quickly scurry away.

Until then, people are in “shock and awe”, viewing the spectacle as zombified consumers instead of awakened people calling for prosecutors. From this level, Conspiracy-theories are more entertainment, thrill-stimulants instead of tools with which to enact jailtime for criminals. The entertainment-minded enjoy the circus created by the ruling elite. They are much more interested in “celebs” than the real heroes of society – farmers and nurses for example. Blatant crimes are met with passivity. There are almost no indictments, very little activism or change in behavior. What causes such apathy? Precisely the kind of programming discussed in this article. People become overwhelmed and desensitized. Others, who are semi-awake are lulled into a false sense of “someone” coming to save the day.

If you learned anything from reading this article, it should be this:

“My whole life I kept asking why someone isn’t doing something about things. Then I woke up and realized that I am someone”. 

I spent my life teaching self-responsibility because it’s the only way out. Experiencing yourself as divinely created is the whole point of this realm. It’s also the reason your adversary, which we call “the ruling elite” is allowed to influence you. But the moment you switch off the screen, the influence wanes. That’s how easy it is! You create your reality with thought-word-and-deed. Take charge of yourself, then your family, then your neighborhood, then your town, then your state or province, then your country, then your world. In that order. Actually, if only 20% of the people took charge of themselves that would already be enough to topple the “system” and create a heavenly Earth in a matter of weeks.

The 4-step pattern described above, is mirrored in peoples personal lives. Something bad happens (Step 1). In reaction to the event, you look for a solution externally (Step 2) while ignoring the real, internal cause (Step 3). Meanwhile there’s a lot of bitching and complaining about it, but not much is being done to remedy, make up for it or change course (Step 4). What’s the positive approach to problems? Instead of over-reacting, get calm and look within. Accept. Ask: What would I like instead? Then ask: What can I do for that? The assumption that you can do something about it is taking responsibility. Covering-up is disempowering. If there is an issue between you and your friend, spouse, employee, employer, child, parent, associate, colleague, neighbor, etc. you can cover it up, but that’s at the expense of your life force. It’s always better to be bold and speak up. Allow two opposing sides to exist. Give them space. Only then can the third-path, the win-win-option that was previously hidden, arise. Win-win is not compromise, it’s the option both sides are happy with. Mass-consciousness is a reflection of the consciousness of each individual. If you want a more honest world, start by being more honest. This might make some people angry at you at first, but long-term, living honestly is so much easier.


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