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Treat people like they are healthy, not like they are sick

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

March 2021, exactly one year after Covid started and they told us it would be “over after two weeks of lockdown”, was the first time I was denied entry into a shop because I did not sign in with a “contact-tracing app”. The talk I had with the staffer was amusing:

“I don’t have the tracing app”

Staffer: “Then you can’t come in”

“If I don’t own a phone, I can’t shop here?”

Staffer (robotically): “You need to sign in. Contact tracing”. 

“But what about people who don’t have a phone?”

Staffer: “I see you’re holding a phone”

“I’m perfectly healthy”

Staffer: “But you’re gonna make others sick”

(I eventually signed in on paper).

By what kind of logic is my health, going to make others sick? I have been healthy for the last 30 years, so why am I being treated as a sick person?

I have been perfectly healthy because of a strong immune system. The strong immune system comes from keeping my vibes up. If I give in to fear, I weaken my immune system. Isn’t it common knowledge that treating people as sick, makes them sick?

By forcing people to wear masks, go into quarantine when they travel and socially distancing, we make people act like they are sick, when they are not. Acting sick is a psychiatric disorder called Munchhausen Syndrome. Look it up.

Predictably, Governments are now declaring that free travel or even participation in public life, will require a “vaccine passport”. The same question applies: Why should I take a vaccine, when I’m perfectly healthy?

Uh, cuz you’ll make others sick if you don’t take it…duh“. Will I also make vaccinated people sick?

But how so? Aren’t they promising protection for those who are vaccinated? So they have nothing to fear from me, who is not vaccinated, right? What’s it to you whether I’m vaccinated? If I myself get vaccinated, how is it any of my Business or concern whether others get vaccinated?

The law of most countries is that forced medication is illegal, with the exception of psychiatric prisons. By making vaccines mandatory for participation in public life, entire nations have descended to the level of psychiatric prisons with the inmates suffering from Munchausen syndrome.

I don’t mind taking vaccines. I’ve taken many. Any negative side-effects of vaccines can easily be neutralized with good vibes. If I have to take it to be able to travel, I will. But the coercive nature of this whole thing sets a negative precedent. Not allowing certain groups to participate in public life…remind you of anything in History?

The direction this whole thing is going: You will have an app which says whether you are “green lit” or “red lit” regarding your health. From that point forward, you will be a lifelong involuntary subscriber to the pharma industry and continually updated requirements for “variants” of viruses. Already now, shops and companies are being certified things for compliance with vaccine and covid regulations. You can tell this is the direction we are going, because scores of “celebrities” have been promoting certification by things like the “well building institute”. First companies will require the wellness sticker, then individuals.

There is so much money being made with the fear-of-sickness industry, that “social media” have quickly turned into censorship tools, banning hundreds of millions of users from openly discussing the subject. Entire groups discussing covid and vaccines are routinely banned. Videos and Articles are covered with “fact checking” notices. In reality, Facebook or Twitter don’t really give a damn about “fact checking” except when it comes to certain topics such as Covid or Vaccine. You could spend all day on Twitter denying that the middle ages happened or claiming that the post office is run by lizards or that AIDS doesn’t exist. Nobody will put a fact-check sticker on that, because it’s not part of the trillion-dollar covid and vaccine industry.

Treating people like they are sick, is the worst attitude toward humans one can have. In a healthy society, only the sick are quarantined. Seeing everyone as a potential carrier of a contagious virus, creates a general sense of mistrust and alienation. For a stronger immune system and better health I recommend the exact opposite:  Meet people fearlessly. Mingle. Exchange. Shake Hands. Touch. Breathe freely. Masks cut off oxygen intake. Lack of oxygen tends to lower IQ. The reason I have become immune to people who are not well, is because I spent decades working with people who aren’t well. You don’t become strong by hiding.

I speak as someone who has been perfectly healthy for the last 30 years. Health comes from high energy, emotion and consciousness. Your body, if unobstructed by fear-thoughts, regenerates itself.

The people running your Government struggle to accurately determine risk, predict outcomes and discern between what is and isn’t healthy. Instead, they populate the Internet, secretly propagandizing for vaccines, as this coding accident using “gov” for Government, reveals:


Yes, your elected officials employ Internet-bots to advertise vaccines.

And yes, sometimes they go as far as to try to blackmail celebs into promoting vaccines. Just one example, of several:

“I am opposed to vaccination and I wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel”. The statement came from #1 Ranking Tennis-Player Novak Djokovic. It’s not enough that Djokovic was ripped apart by “the press”. Soon, he was targeted for blackmail by organized crime. The Serbian model Natalija Scekic claims she was offered 60 000 Euros to entrap Djokovic, a married man with two children, with sex and make secret recordings of the event. The model declined and instead went to the press.

Obviously, they take their vaccine very seriously. They restrict your freedom to work, freedom of movement and freedom of association in a desperate bid to get you to take the vaccine. I say bring on your damn vaccine already so we can have our life back. All of this pushing and propagandizing is unnecessary if you educate us and ask nicely. The forcing of it, is what makes it suspicious.

As for the shop that denied my entry: After public backlash, local authorities ruled that the shop had to stop denying people entry. They had jumped the gun. Enough people stood up to it, so the shop was overruled. If nobody had stood up to it, nothing would have changed. Governments tend not to go back to normal. You need to go back to normal by standing your ground when it comes to unlawful mandates. Then they’ll pretend they wanted to go back to normal all along.

Going back to normal, means, realizing that not social distancing but hugging people is  good for your health. Meeting them offline is good for your health. Oxygen, not a mask, is good for your health. Travel is good for your health. Exposure to reality, not hiding from it, strengthens your immune system and is good for your health.

To be honest, the problem didn’t just start with Covid. It was brewing long before that. When you visit a doctor, he or she would normally ask you about your diet, your sleep, your exercise, your water consumption, issues in the family, stress in your life, etc. Over time, it had become more and more profitable to ask less of these questions and instead prescribe pharmaceuticals. That’s when we created an out-of-control pharmaceutical industry and a pill-addicted populace that was less healthy than ever. My wish is, that from all of this, we create a world and populace, which takes back their health. I’m carefully optimistic that this could be the final result of it all.



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