If you’d like to translate my Meditations into your Language…

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Frederick Dodson

If you’d like to translate my Meditations into your Language, please follow these Instructions:

  1. You have a soothing, calming voice and be able to speak neutrally (without adding inflections or emphasis that differs from the original audio).
  2. It’s easy for you to record the audio spontaneously without too many tries (if it’s difficult for you, this will transfer the wrong mood).
  3. You’re fluent in both languages.
  4. Your dialect is somewhat normal/neutral.
  5. You make pauses similar to the pauses in the original recording.
  6. You have a good microphone or recording equipment.
  7. Go to my youtube Channel and choose a guided Meditation or Exercise that you like and that hasn’t already been translated. Or choose one from this page: Free Audio Meditations.
  8. Record your translation and send the audio-file (without music) as an attached file or download-link to consciousness@realitycreation.org
  9. Let me know whether you’d like your name (or social media address) added to the Video or would prefer to stay anonymous.
  10. I will upload your recording to https://www.youtube.com/@realitycreationinternational, my Channel for Reality Creation in other Languages.
  11. Because I offer my YouTube videos/audios for free and don’t make money off of them, I won’t pay you anything for your translation. Why are they free? It’s my form of charity. It can also be your form of charity, your way of making the world a better place.

I welcome translations in every language, except for Spanish. There is already an official Spanish channel in the making which you will find here: https://www.youtube.com/@creaciondelarealidad

If I like the voice and tone of your translation, I will upload it to the Channel. The listeners will decide whether it’s a good translation. If it receives too many complaints or dislikes it will be removed. If it receives mostly likes, it will stay and everyone will be very grateful for your contribution to a higher-consciousness civilization.

I’m looking forward to your precious translation!

Frederick Dodson






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