Transcend the rigidity of the mind

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Imagine telling me that water is good for plants. So I go and put my young plant under a raging waterfall. It gets destroyed. What happened? I forgot to mention the dose of water to be applied. In the right or wrong dose, everything is either a cure or a poison.

Even truth itself, overemphasized, can turn into falsehood. Some people talk about nothing other than “the law of attraction”. But what about other universal principles? The Law of Polarity. The Law of Correspondence. The Law of Vibration. There’s even a law that states that all of your problems will be instantly deleted if you ask forgiveness from Source. Like a game of stone-paper-scissors, that principle beats the law of Karma. And as valid as it is, the law of attraction is not the only thing there is.

Nor do I need to write even more about it than I already have in my book Reality Creation and Manifestation and a dozen others. But people still request that I write even more! Doing so, would be an error in emphasis. There are many other amazing things to learn in life and many other lenses from which to view the world. People who only know “the law of attraction” and little else, make for boring conversationalists. A marketer looked over my social media page and said it’s a “disaster” because my posts are not focused on “my primary field”, which is reality creation or “the law of attraction”. This false idea – that one has to keep playing the same role for the rest of their life – would make a person really boring.

I have several acquaintances who are anti-vaxxers, but one of them really annoys people, because it’s all he talks about. Even when inappropriate. He’s stuck the topic, because he gets no acknowledgement. And the less acknowledgement he gets, the more forcefully he talks about it.  He ignores any positive news on the subject. Is the world not a balance of good and bad? His is an error in emphasis. Some of his talking points are valid, but they are so strongly overemphasized that nobody wants to listen. Wrong packaging and delivery invalidate the message.

Errors in emphasis is the cause of fanaticism. A fanatic is someone who is subconsciously overcompensating a secret doubt. The minds tendency to become rigid and fanatic is one of the leading causes of problems in the world.

I know a lady who is triple vaxxed, double-masked and gets covid-tested regularly. But she still stays indoors most of the time, out of fear of some virus. Meanwhile I have travelled across three different countries, probably gotten the virus several times, yet I thrive. The difference? I’ve consciously worked with my lower emotions to release them. Rigid and overemphasizing people need to address their lower emotions, so that they can release the rigidity. Becoming rigid is an attempt to protect oneself from experiencing such emotions. But they must be experienced if you wish to enter the new and happy and successful life that awaits you on the other side of fear. We become rigid when we feel under attack. When the attack situation is over, the mind tends to stay rigid or “on the alert” to be “prepared” for the next attack.  Just because you almost had a car accident one minute ago, doesn’t mean you need to tense your body for the rest of the ride! Just because your trust was once broken, doesn’t mean you should never trust again. Just because one teaching from a certain movie helped you, doesn’t mean that all movies from that person will help you. Just because I taught something in a certain context 10 years ago, doesn’t mean I’d teach that to everyone and always.

This is why spiritual teachers talk about non-attachment or letting go. A non-rigid mind can focus on and emphasize a thing, but also release it. Hold an object. Now let go of it. Hold a thought. Now let go of it. See? It’s easy. There is no need to hold on to a thought forever. Letting go of it doesn’t mean it’s gone, it means you are no longer wasting energy carrying it. If you know the formula for Gold, you don’t have to carry a bag of gold around all the time. 

Notice how the word is linked to stress. Over-emphasis of a thing is the true cause of stress. Stress is created because you think something is more important than it is. Nothing on earth can be that important. That’s why you feel unwell – to show you that there is an error in emphasis.

My response to rigidity is this quote from Lao Tzu: “Nothing under heaven is more yielding than water. Yet when it attacks things hard and resistant, none of them can prevail. The yielding conquers the resistant and the soft conquers the hard. A fact known by all, yet utilied by none“.

We expect a rigid stance to keep us safe and protected, firm and strong, smart and aware, but they don’t. On the contrary.

Here’s an exercise: What is the topic you’ve been most interested in, talking, reading and thinking about the most? Can you give yourself a week vacation from it? Just one week where you don’t talk about or read about it at all? Maybe get into a brand new topic during that time (or stay topic-less). Letting go of a topic or project for a period of time, can increase your appreciation and understanding of it. I often write several books at the same time, so that I can let go of project A, focus on project B, then on project C. Then, later, I return to project A with fresh views on it.





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