Three types of people: The victim, the rescuer and the sovereign individual

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Frederick Dodson

I sometimes view society as an interplay of three types of people:

  1. Victim
  2. Rescuer
  3. Sovereign Individual

The victim-type creates scenarios to be offended, wronged and oppressed by. Underlying that, is a cry for attention. The rescuer type comes to the rescue of victim, the hero to save the day. Underlying that, is the desire to control the victim. And then there’s the sovereign individual who is neither victim nor rescuer, who sees him or herself able to be, do or have as intended.

I am not saying that everyone who has been victimized is the victim-type, nor that everyone who helps others is a rescuer type. We’ve all had times of genuine need and there were people who helped us coming from genuine kindness. There is nothing wrong with that. I am referring to victim and rescuer as default identities rather than single experiences. People who thrive off of being offended and those who thrive off of someone needy around them that they can help.

Some examples of the victim-rescuer dynamic that I know from personal experience:

  • There is a man who keeps travelling to impoverished countries for sex. This fellow hasn’t had much luck with women in his home country. But when he travels to poor countries he is treated like a king because his Dollars are worth so much more there. He exploits their desperate state and need for food and sustenance. But he doesn’t see it that way. He sees himself as a rescuer, a helper of those in need. The fact that it all began with insecurity and therefore only perpetuates insecurity was buried in his subconscious long ago.
  • About two months ago, a guy presenting himself as “Elon Musk” said he was buying Twitter and would return “free speech” to the platform. Twitter had become a cesspool of censorship, shadow-bans and politically motivated account suspensions. Elon Musk was widely hailed as a savior of free speech, a hero come to save the day and restore open communication. In reality, Twitter was never required for free speech nor is free speech provided by some external person or agency. A sovereign individual has always had free speech and always found platforms of free speech. There is no “rescuer” that will “restore free speech”. It’s amazing how easily people give up their sovereignty and believe someone else is restoring their freedom. Shrewd politicians have an easy game removing and restoring peoples freedoms like some kind of gigantic Pavlovian experiment.
  • There is an overbearing mother. She is so very protective of her children that she doesn’t want them to play outside, they might hurt themselves. Even though they are 8 and 11 years old she calls them “my babies”. But she often talks about them in a “poor them” tone, as if they were in need of help. Consequently, the kids are frequently sick and require their mothers nursing. Do I need to go on?


What would a sovereign individual do?

1st Example: It can be sexually appealing to have power over another person. A lot of sex contains some of the rescuer-victim dynamic. I’m not judging people who explore this type of sexuality, but in moments of higher sentiment, you don’t wish to exploit a persons helplessness. Instead, you activate compassion from your chest and empowerment from your forehead. What does that mean? Well, when I am confronted with someone needy, I can either activate my genital area and my solar-plexus for a sense of power over the person or I can active my chest or heart area and send kindness. I can also send empowerment with comes from the forehead area. “Sending empowerment” means I imagine the person successful and strong. That’s really helping a person.

2nd Example: Some people think that a company called Twitter can “take away” free speech and that a hero called “Elon Musk” can come and “restore free speech”. You see in the way I phrase this, how ridiculous it sounds. Free speech cannot be taken away from you. It can therefore also not be provided. Twitter is one platform of many. Nobody needs it. Humanity survived thousands of years without it and will survive just fine after it’s long gone. A sovereign individual does not view the external as source of anything. Example: Your employer is not the source of money, your skill, work, time, love and creativity – all inner qualities – are the source of your money.

3rd Example: A sovereign mother is protective of her children in their first five years of age – their most vulnerable state – but gradually releases her grip between the ages 6 and 18. She makes sure not to “babify” and pamper them too much so that they can become more resilient and deal with the realities of life. If they never experience any challenge, how can they develop the skill to handle them? She makes sure not to project thoughts of weakness and sickness over them, instead thinking of them as healthy, strong and beautiful.

The “negativity” in the world comes from this imbalance: There are too many victim and rescuer types and too few sovereign types. If only 10% of humanity were sovereign individuals, instead of 1%, you’d see most problems wiped off the face of Earth. Sovereign means self-sufficient, self-responsible people who know they can create the reality they prefer. Self-sufficiency means that a people are able to access or create their own food, electricity, fuel, water and healthcare.

One of the things that is stopping people from becoming more sovereign is the fear of not fitting in. At a tribal consciousness-level, not “belonging” feels like death. At higher consciousness, there’s individuation until you discover your unique self. Once you fully express that unique self, you find there is no conflict with others. Conflict only arises when you are neither your true self nor part of a tribe (yes, if you are in conflict with others because of “who you are”, then it’s not who you really are. Keep looking). Being neither part of a tribe (group, family) nor your authentic self, means that you are without a support system. As your true-self you are supported by “the Universe”, your Soul, Source.

People think that things will get better if they replace on regime with another. But if you understand what was just written, you see there is no collective solution. There is an individual solution. Seeking a collective solution goes against how the Universe is set up. It’s set up for unique pieces to fit together perfectly, not for all pieces to think and feel the same. The solution is to individually take responsibility for yourself and your surroundings and leave other people and their surroundings up to them (until such a time they infringe upon your space and sovereignty, at which point you have the right to defend it).

Negativity and external mind-control continue until sovereignty improves. People love the victim-rescuer game and play it out over and over, sometimes on a grand world-stage scale. The really good news is: You don’t have to participate in these games if you don’t want to. You can tune-out any time and focus attention on what you prefer.


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