Things I almost never use

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Things I almost never use:

Unfiltered Tap Water



Bluetooth Headphones




Processed Foods


Shavers with Lubrication Strips

Seed Oils

Plastic Bottles


There are some exceptions. Why? Because only the weak-willed are strict. It’s about being conscious, not fanatic. I generally don’t take pharmaceuticals but I’ll be happy to make an exception at the dentist. I don’t drink alcohol, except 2-3 times a year at celebrations. I don’t wear polyester, except sometimes for sports. I try to do without sunglasses except sometimes when driving. I usually don’t eat sugar, except a few times a year. I use coconut oil and ghee for cooking. Wood, glass and copper bottles for water. My tap water is filtered for bromide, chloride and flouride. Foods are mostly fresh. Headphones are wired. These things move the health and energy needle a few points upwards. Not nearly as much as consciousness and mind-focus work, but enough to make a felt difference.



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