There are no secrets

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Frederick Dodson

There are no secrets

When I was young, I thought knowledge is concealed by the elite-class to retain power.

While that’s probably true, it isn’t the main thing keeping us from knowledge. Had I been given the knowledge freely at that time, I wouldn’t have had the


to access it, understand it or make use of it.

Everything is knowable and there are no secrets but only few have the ability to perceive higher knowledge. That’s why when you re-read a book at a later time in life, you notice other things about it.

There are many things I don’t know because I haven’t focusesd attention in that direction yet. Focusing attention unlocks most doors. Knock and it will be opened. Ask and it is given.

And then there’s a category of knowledge that can’t be shared with most people because it wouldn’t fit to anything they know, so they’d reject it. This is what is meant by

“throwing pearls to the swine”.

Too many request answers without wanting to focus, research or raise consciousness-level.

Someone asked me, here on X, “How do I clear entities?” I didn’t answer, but my silent thought was:

You know I have a book titled “Clearing Entities” based on 30 years of coaching, reading and research. If you’re not even willing to invest the minimal effort of reading ONE book on it, I doubt you’ll be “clearing entities” anytime soon.

I rarely express thoughts like this because it’s not my place to instruct a person outside of coaching. But the convenience-minded and quick-fix-minded do not progress in intellect or spirit.

If you know you know. And if you do know, you deserve to know because you’ve invested a part of yourself and your time.

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