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The world is a mirror

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I recently talked to someone who moved out of town. He moved away because horrible things happened to him in this town. He got beaten up by Gang-members in broad daylight. Another time, he got assaulted by a stranger for no reason. On another occasion, he was attacked and bitten by a dog, apparently while sitting in his car with the window rolled down. What a horrible town! So he moved to what he believed was a better place.

Can you guess what happened to him at the better place? In his first week there, his car and laptop were stolen.

I live in the same town he moved away from. I have never been assaulted, beaten or bitten. Nothing was ever stolen from me. My experience in this town has been nothing but beautiful. I have met a lot of kind and smart people. I have enjoyed some of the most beautiful landscapes and climate this planet has to offer. I have been super creative-productive. It has been all peace for years. What a beautiful place!

It’s easy to see that the world mirrors each person. It’s easier to see in other people than oneself. But others can easily see it in you. They understand why you attract certain good or bad events into your life. You are talking about what is happening in your life, and they kind of internally “get” why that is happening to you.

You can enhance your experience of life by a more intimate awareness of this: Your external reality is a reflection of your inner reality. Everyone that crosses your path, every encounter, everything that happens to you, is there for a reason, as a response to your inner state. Life is a love letter that your Higher Self is sending you every day. All “good” and “bad” things are there to help you learn and grow. Even the “bad” things are sent with love, to help you grow stronger.

Sometimes “the Universe” sends you a message through another person. Once the message is understood by you, the person disappears or the message stops being said. Some problems repeat, until you understand their message. They are there for you to learn and grow. You are never sent bigger problems than you can handle. Some problems are wake up calls. If you want a problem-free life, stay awake and aware. As soon as you change, your surroundings and external reality either appear differently than before or change entirely.

Appreciate the little things that cross your path on a daily basis. “To appreciate” means to know they are there for a reason, that there are no coincidences, that everything has meaning. Nothing in your surroundings is happening independent of your own energy and identity. Even if you are not sure how it reflects your inner-self, acknowledge that it does. This is how to go from victim-consciousness of “the world happens to me” to the creator-consciousness of “the world happens through me”.



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