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The U.S. owns patents for flying saucers that can travel space, air, land and underwater

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

In my my recent book Extraterrestrial Linguistics, I showed how flying saucers and flying triangles have been used by Human Beings for hundreds, even thousands of years. They have been sighted in space, air, land and underwater. They have been chronicled, drawn, painted, etched and written about. Flying saucers or “UFOs” have also been human-made in the last 50 years, as I show in my recent write-up titled Human Made Flying Saucers.

The U.S. Government has not only been well aware of “UFOs”, they have been manufacturing them!

Quoting from an article titled “”Navy got ‘UFO Patent’ granted by warning of similar Chinese Tech Advances“.

The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the assignee on several radical aviation technologies patented by an aerospace engineer working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters in Patuxent River, Maryland. One of these patents describes a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” claimed to be capable of truly extraordinary feats of speed and maneuverability in air, water, and outer space alike thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system. 

Sound far fetched? You’re not alone. 

A primary patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) thought so too. But then the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already “investing significantly” in these aerospace technologies that sound eerily similar to the UFOs reported by Navy pilots in now well-known encounters. 

Pais is named as the inventor on four separate patents for which the U.S. Navy is the assignee: a curiously-shaped “High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator;” a room temperature superconductor; an electromagnetic ‘force field’ generator that could deflect asteroids; and, perhaps the strangest of all, one titled “Craft Using An Inertial Mass Reduction Device.” While all are pretty outlandish-sounding, the latter is the one that the Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally vouched for in a letter to the USPTO, claiming the Chinese are already developing similar capabilities.

The patent was first applied for on April 28, 2016, over a decade after the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group encountered strange Tic Tac-shaped aircraft and nearly a year after Navy pilots across multiple squadrons flying out of Naval Air Station Oceana and NAS Norfolk experienced a string of bizarre encounters with unidentified aircraft, some of which, like the Tic Tac, seemed to possess exotic performance capabilities. 

To read the rest of the long article click the link above.

Even though the patents were filed recently (2016), I know “the Government” has had these devices for a long time. They’re only pretending to just have discovered them. They hope to make these look like “new inventions”, hoping nobody will notice.

These “new patens” are nothing new. The  Saucer UFO has been sighted since the 1930s and the Triangle “UFO” has been sighted since at least the 1980s in modern times (and hundreds to thousands of years ago, according to my book).


I guess it’s good news for us, if the general public becomes aware of more advanced technology. It’s about time.

Quoting from another article “What’s going on with UFOs and the Department of Defense?”

“…cryptic statements made by top players in the dark areas of aerospace development, such as those of the late Ben Rich, a Lockheed’s Skunk Works chief that is largely credited for giving birth to stealth technology as we know it today. For instance, Rich told Popular Mechanics the following that underscores just how long major breakthroughs in man-made clandestine aerospace technology can stay hidden: 

“There are some new programs, and there are certain things, some of them 20 or 30 years old, that are still breakthroughs and appropriate to keep quiet about [because] other people don’t have them yet.”

 Hypersonics, drone swarms, directed energy weapons, and a full-on emerging arms race in space are just some of the very real activities and technologies that will dominate the near future of American weapons development. The products of all of these initiatives, once manifested, could appear positively alien to curious bystanders. 

In other words, before shouting “aliens”, don’t underestimate what humans can do and have already done. Sure, it’s possible that we had the assistance of aliens to build these devices. The Universe is full of aliens. But are aliens really required to explain “UFOs”, in this case? All evidence considered, it’s more likely that flying saucers and triangles have been humans all along.



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