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January 2, 2018
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January 7, 2018

The Three Types of People

  In popular science, the three body-types are known as Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. It is widely acknowledged that these three have varying physical abilities and needs. For example, the Ectomorph does not gain weight easily. The Mesomorph gains weight more easily. And the Endomorph gains weight most easily.

  What mass-reality teachings fail to emphasize is the fact that each body type also carries a number of typical set-personality traits. It's just another one of those things everybody knows intuitively that is never taught in the indoctrination-centers we call "school".

The Ectomorph tends to be more "in the head", the Mesomorph tends to be Dominant and the Endomorph tends to be more social. Through upbringing and self-programming these qualities do change over the course of a lifetime. Within my live "Leadership Courses" I generally recommend the following:

1. Know a persons general by body shape (some people have a balanced mix of all three). You then gain a better understanding of how to deal with them and what to expect.

2. If you haven't followed your Nature, then try doing so. You might be a Mesomorph who was taught to be Social even though you didn't feel like it. Now you know why. You might be an Ectomorph who thought he had to build muscle rather than study science. You might be an Endomorph without any friends. If you discover any such discrepancies, align with your nature for some time and see how that feels.

3. If you have mostly followed your Nature, balance your personality by going beyond. The Ectomorph or Endomorph might assume more Leadership or do more competitive sports to get a little more of the Mesomorph. The Mesomorph and Endomorph might read more books and analyze more deeply to get a little bit of the Ectomorph. The Ectomorph and Mesomorph might socialize a little more to get a little bit of the Endomorph.

A balanced personality includes all three traits. Early own I realized I am a Meso, with just a little bit of Ecto and almost no Endo. My shoulders and back are quite broad. Accordingly, I was always taking a lead role everywhere I went, controlling the scene, making my Will come true, always in Action. Realizing that I was following the stereotype laid out from birth in my body shape, I endeavored to train my inner Ecto: Study, read thousands of books, research, philosophize. Realizing I had little interest in people, their opinions and social life, I endeavored to train my inner Endo. I had to push myself to expand my circle of friends, join clubs, etc. Had I simply given in to my Nature, Id have remained a lone-wolf with not much compassion or intellect.

If you don't believe that body-shape and mentality are related, I'd like you to check, whether this is true: Extreme mesomorphs follow mesomorph leaders, extreme endomorphs follow endomorph leaders. It's actually quite hilarious when you can predict someones stereotypical proclivities and ideologies based on their body shape. An enlightened consciousness however, cannot be that easily pegged. Infinite Consciousness is much wider, deeper, higher than body shape, zodiac, upbringing, social conditioning, culture and belief-system.