The Thought Ascension Tool (brand new Course upload!)

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

The Thought Ascension Tool is a technique that assists in making your life lighter, brighter and more expanded. Even using it is fun and creates a natural high.

I have taught the method in previous Reality Creation Live Courses as a way to dissolve and create thoughts and emotions and thereby release or attract corresponding real-life-events. Because it worked so well, I have created this complete 7-part Course on it.

Part 1: An Introduction to Thought Ascension

Part 2: Energy Ball

Part 3: Ascending Blocks and Doubts

Part 4: Guided Thought Ascension

Part 5: Body Ascension Tool

Part 6: Partner Ascension Tool

Part 7: World Ascension Tool

You can access it in the Gold-Members section of this website, among hundreds of other audios, courses and videos.

Enjoy this smoothly effective new product!

Frederick Dodson

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