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The space in which thoughts arise

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

A Meditation for a lighter state of consciousness. Leave between 15 and 120 seconds for each item. 

You think thoughts are important?

You’d like to share your thoughts?

You’d like to know my thoughts?

There is something more important than thoughts: The space in which thoughts arise. And who thoughts arise to.

Softly put attention on thought or become aware of your stream of thought. Keep it there for a minute.

Thoughts arise and fade away like waves in the ocean. They come and go.

While putting attention on thought, can you also be aware of the space and silence in which thought arises?

You’ve spent a lifetime reading and listening to peoples thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs. And your own. But what about the space that contains them?

Every thought begins and ends, starts and fades, arises and decays. Could you become aware of the space and silence before and after a thought? Could you keep awareness of that for a minute or more?

Could you be aware of the space and silence around thoughts as well as the space and silence permeating thoughts?

While softly putting attention on thoughts, could you at the same time, become aware of where, in the body, thoughts arise? Does thought appear to arise from the foot, the knees, the hips, the stomach, the chest, the throat, the forehead or elsewhere?

Yes, if you take the time to look, you’ll find that thoughts typically arise from locations in the body or your energy field.

While softly putting attention on thoughts, could you at the same time, become aware of where thoughts fade away?

Could you put awareness on where thoughts arise and where they fade away, and the silence and space before and after thought?

Could you now become aware of who all these thoughts occur to? Who is having these thoughts? What is this sense of self for who thoughts arise?

And could you, at the same time, be aware of the silence and space surrounding this sense of self?

Could you repeat this meditation a few more times, until it becomes normal to not only be aware of thoughts but of the space and silence they arise in?


An audio-version of this Meditation can be Downloaded here: Member Downloads, section “Awareness Meditations”, title “The Space in which thoughts arise”. 


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