The sense of being stared at

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Frederick Dodson

One of the experiments I did in my large-group seminars is have a person stand in front, with their back to the group.

When I put my thumbs up, the group would focus attention on the person. Thumbs down, the group would focus elsewhere. Nine times out of ten, women knew when they were being stared at. Seven times out of ten, men knew when they were being stared at.

I’ve used this for over twenty years to demonstrate the reality of

the paranormal,
attention/consciousness as tangible.

Such demonstrations are necessary because people have been heavily conditioned by “the science” that such things don’t exist or are superstitious delusions. Even the “open minded” haven’t been immune to the brainwashing and require tangible results to start re-awakening.

This also works over a distance. The other person knows – at some level – when you are thinking of them.

If you don’t believe it, experiment. Keep experimenting until it works. Once it starts working consistently, you’re fine-tuned. And once you’re fine-tuned to energy, you notice…uhm…a lot of other things.

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