The secret of slow change

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Frederick Dodson

One of our weaknesses lies in our inability to perceive change when it’s very slow.

For instance, you think of crystals as unchanging, yet they’re shifting, transforming and growing constantly. The change is happening to slow for you to notice.

The “weakness” has advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantage is that the ill-intended can institute undesirable realities if they do it inch by inch down a slippery slope. Put frogs in boiling water and they jump out. But if you heat up the water slowly, the frogs stay inside until they die of heat.

Later people wonder how humans could sink that low.

The whole covid-phantasmagoria was rolled out too quickly by impatient social engineers. It backfired so that today, the nostrum peddlers are less popular than ever.

This is why every organization should be reformed after some time – to counteract possible decline people are not consciously aware of due to slow-change.

The advantage of incrementalism is that you can use it to trick your subconscious:

Small daily improvements have a more stable, lasting and powerful effect on your reality than quick and radical changes.

It’s the nature of things to go up and down, like waves. Sometimes you’re doing well, other times you’re not. But if you adhere to incrementalism, as I do, you can mostly stay on a permanent upward trajectory. Like climbing a mountain instead of surfing the wave.

If this sounds too mystical to you, let me put it another way: You can slowly build and expand your business, relationship, your consciousness or whatever or you can be a one-hit-wonder. The get-rich-quick mentality usually crashes and burns because, rather than aligning with nature, the impatient and greedy ego takes over. Nature may be slow but everything gets accomplished to perfection in due time.

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