The Secret History of Polynesia

The Secret History of Polynesia expands on research presented in my previous book Extraterrestrial Linguistics.

Some of the amazing things uncovered while writing this book:

  • The indigenous people of the Pacific, speak a diluted form of ancient German, as spoken more than a thousand years ago.


  • Our “Mythology” is not fiction, it’s History.


  • Our ancestors had the technology of airships and spaceships.


  • Our “royal families” trace their bloodlines back to the “mythical” races of fairies, nymphs, dragons and giants. These beings are of extra-terrestrial origin.


  • Some of these beings operated from subterranean dwellings and kept humans as livestock.


  • Our understanding of History has been tampered with. Unveiling the truth, sets us free.

After reading this book you will know for certain that truth really is stranger than fiction and the Universe is a much greater adventure than commonly assumed.

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