The Scale of Emotions

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Frederick Dodson

This is the Scale of Emotions I teach in my 2010 book “Levels of Energy”.

Your emotional state is the primary determinant of your energy-state, health and success even more than foods, friends and environmental factors. Your success is not determined by upbringing, social class and race unless you believe it is.

Every emotional level corresponds with a different outlook, behavior, choices and a different consciousness level. One can also ascribe places, objects, philosophies and ideologies to different levels.

These levels are found in every World Religion and ancient culture, as I’ve shown in my four follow-up books.

An emotional state is neither “good” nor “bad”. Every level serves a good purpose. For example anger overcomes fear because it’s slightly above it.

Most people believe that one should “always be in higher states” but this is not true. A good analogy is Golf: You don’t always use the same golf club to hit the ball, you use different sizes, depending on situation. Thus, if you want material success in life, you best cultivate the mid-levels and high-levels, not the very-high-levels.

And if you’re feeling down, there’s a good reason for that, to be found in your thoughts or actions. Instead of medicating the low-feeling, find the behavior that causes it and pull it out at its root.

The book teaches to see things on a scale, not just two-sided. “Medicine A” is not good or bad but good for some levels, bad for others. “Religion B” comes at many different levels-of-quality, from evil to good.

How do people measure different consciousness levels? Some people use muscle-testing. But the book recommends measuring levels through intuition or simple familiarity with the levels.

Of the 50+ books I have written, this is my favorite and also my #2 bestselling book of all time.

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