The Reality Creation Technique

“The more power you have the less effort you need to allow things to happen. In my own life I have implemented what I call “the soft touch” which involves doing less, planning less, working less…and being, experiencing, allowing more”– Frederick Dodson, The Reality Creation Technique

How to focus energy in the form of thought, word and deed to attract, create and manifest wealth, health and love. Beyond the shallow waters of new-age, “law of attraction” and conventional motivational psychology there is a deep well from which you derive unbending determination and strength. That source is within you and can be awakened to achieve anything. The Reality Creation Technique is the most speedily effective method to help you make your dreams come true.

Where your attention flows to on a regular basis, determines what you experience as reality. It therefore follows that by talking and writing about what you like and why you like these things on a daily basis, you will flow your attention in the appropriate directions.

– Frederick Dodson, The Reality Creation Technique

Reviews of The Reality Creation Technique

Reality Changing

I have been doing a lot of energy work over the last few years, mainly EFT and Reiki, but when I purchased this book a few things really clicked into place. I had begun Frederick’s previous book “parallel universes of self” just a few weeks before and everything he talked about sat really well with me. Although “Parallel universes of self” can at times seem a little intensive, his new book is quite the opposite. Its so direct, simple, to the point and in return so effective. I have already tried some of his techniques and have had great fun in watching the changes manifest almost effortlessly in the days that follow. Set the intention and clear all counter intentions are the core concepts behind his book. Simple but at the same time genius. He gives you steps on how to release counter intentions, however I supplemented this with my own Reiki and EFT techniques that have worked for me. But regardless of what techniques you use, clear the counter intentions, they are the only things that get in your way. Some of the main things you’ll take from the book (amongst many others) are… 1.) stop focusing on what you dont like, and start honing in on what you do. 2.)Start taking responsibility for everything that happens in your reality, as whatever negative things show up after an intention is set, is purely just YOU creating it to show yourself that part of yourself that hasnt fully aligned with the new reality (hense the term counter intentions). 3.) There are 5 fundamental causes that all counter intentions can be traced back to. I never ever write book reviews, or actually finish books for that matter…. so after reading this I really thought it deserved one. If your really in the market for a book which will help you create a reality you want, then this is for you. But be prepared to clear some subconscious things along the way. Great work Frederick, keep it up.

Chris Connolly
Advanced easy effective stuff!

A very simple, powerful and effective book. If the techniques are used for the secondaries to primaries all sorts of ineffective beliefs and destructive emotions can be neutralised – ones that will not normally present themselves without making goals. Highly recommended for a happy life!

Gaylene Popovski
A very handy self guide!

This is one of the best reality creation guide books I’ve read and applied! The author presents his teaching material in a clear, concise, easy-to-read format that made my interaction effortless. Importantly, this guide helps clear up any possible previously failed outside attempts at understanding how manifestation could be successfully experienced. Helpful were explanations on the pitfalls of “I want…” as that would seem to create a separation pushing the manifestation into the future out of reach. I recommend this book especially for those who wish to get a better handle on the law of attraction that people are now hearing more about. After reading this great book, I ventured onto the author Fred Dodson’s other books and found his “Parallel Universes of Self to be an excellent companion to the Reality Creation Technique book. I was able to more successfully shift some patterns in my life that I’ve wanted to disengage myself from. I especially loved the suggestion on use of “props” to remind ourselves of the desired reality. Both books are generously laden with creative tips with a built in sense of humor and vision. Recommended for everyone who wants to get out of their tired old “box” to venture into their desired reality as real.

Charles Wildbank

An excerpt from the Audio-Book “The Reality Creation Technique”

“If you are resisting a little thing, you are resisting everything, and if you appreciate a little thing, you are appreciating everything. Why? How so? Infinity does not discern between “little” and “big”. If you are resisting hanging up washed clothes, in that moment you are emanating that energy out into the world, and that’s who you are and what everything is. If you are enjoying and loving hanging up washed clothes, in that moment you are emanating that energy out into the world and will receive love back throughout the day” – Frederick Dodson, The Reality Creation Technique

In this Podcast, the Book Narrator (Thomas Miller) and his Partner discuss the book chapter “The Stream of Life” which addresses Flow, Letting Go, Relaxing, Trusting and Allowing. Listen or Download for Free Here:

The Stream of Life – Podcast

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