Success without Strings Attached

The Reality Creation Course 2022

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Date: March 4-6, 2022

Time: 9 am to 5 pm daily

Place: Orlando, Florida

Whatever you sincerely believe, you can achieve. You can prosper, succeed and heal even if the rest of the world lives in fear. You already have the power to achieve amazing things. All you need is to use what you already have. 

I have distilled the top 5 best practices from 35 years of teaching Reality Creation, Success and Manifesting and turned them into this 3-day-Training Course. 

Join me and other like minded and amazing people for a three day journey of fun and abundance. Instead of hoping, wishing and waiting, learn how to take charge of your life and command the manifestation you prefer. Use thought and intention, word and prayer, attention and action in ways as to most cleanly and rapidly create the positive changes that are up next. 

This course is playful and easy-going. No confrontation or trauma. It’s all about your unique ABILITY and your GOALS. 

We will spend 8 hours a day (1 hour break) in interactive one-on-one exercises, group-exercises and guided eyes-closed processes. At the end of each day there will be 30 minutes for questions. You get the best results from this Course if you have a clear idea of all the small things and big things you’d like to improve in your 

* success

* health

* money

* relationships

* emotional state

* physique

* mindset

* communication

* ability to feel, imagine, act

* ability to lead and inspire

Bonus: This course also includes a special 3-hour segment on how to heal by laying hands and a 3-hour segment on financial wealth. 

This course is LIVE. No Zoom. No virtual. No fear. All REAL. All FUN. 

Average temperatures in March range from 75 to 80 (23 to 27 Celsius).  I recommend you add a few days to your stay, as there are endless fascinating things you can see and do in Orlando (and the Beaches which are a 1 hour drive away). 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Fred Dodson

The price for one participant is $999, refundable until February 20, then non-refundable. This includes the 3-day-seminar and post-seminar website membership for 1 year for those who do not have it yet. Please arrange your own lodging and food. The exact location will be provided to participants.  For questions contact Marc, email consciousness at

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