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The Power of Secret Giving

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Give something in secret. Give someone a gift without the person knowing who the gift is from. Do someone a favor without the recipient ever finding out who did it.

When you use this spiritual technique, you are playing the role of “the good Universe“. You help people believe that the Universe is a good place and good things happen for no reason. The more people believe this, the better a place the world becomes.

You can send some cash to a person you know needs it, without revealing the sender. You can pay for the next persons groceries and disappear before they find out. You can put in a good word for an employee. You can send a visualized prayer of healing for a colleague. You can clean your spouses car, without ever telling him or her. You shovel your neighbors snow away for them, before they arrive home and leave them wondering how that happened. You can list who you would like to secretly send some of your abundance to this year. You can help people believe in miracle and good fortune. 

Things done in secret are normally bad. When someone hides, masks and deceives he is usually up to harmful activities. With anonymous giving, you are taking secrecy away from bad people and using it for the good.

The ego likes to take credit for giving. “Look at me. Look at all the good things I did”. That kind of giving is fine, but it’s not entirely pure. When nobody knows who gave, then the Ego cannot take credit for it. Exaggerated displays of charity and virtue are often done to cover up wrongdoing. Secret giving, on the other hand, makes the heart sing.

There are too many people around, waiting for someone to do something, some hero to step in, some savior to fix things. And there are too few people actually doing something, fixing things, stepping in, taking responsibility. You can be one of the angels who helps out in the background, is a positive influence in your neighborhood, community, group, town, city, country, planet, world.

Instead of just waiting for the Universe to make things happen for you, why not BE the Universe that makes things happen for others. That rapidly elevates your consciousness level to a realm where you gain more of the skills and information required to help. 

Haven’t you always wished for a surprising source of good in your life? Well, you can BE that. Then you cease to need it. Everything you give, comes back to you by many times. 


This exercise is taken from The Flow State Live Online Course starting on the 4th of September 2021. 



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