The negative only enters with your CONSENT

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Frederick Dodson

The negative only enters your life with your CONSENT.
My wife went to get contraception, which requires a mandatory health checkup at the doctor. Her weight was taken, blood pressure measured, etc. She was then asked to undress and lie on a bed. “What is this for?” she asked.
“The doctor will now do a breast cancer exam”. She recalled getting contraception in two other countries we’d lived in where getting contraception ALSO involved testing for breast cancer, as if doctors globally follow the same script.
But this third time, she tried something new: “I didn’t ask for this exam, I don’t want it”. The nurse got visibly nervous. A doctor and four other people soon entered the room. He said “What’s the problem here?”
“There is no problem. I just don’t want a cancer test unless it’s mandatory”.
The group were visibly upset, as if their indoctrinated knowledge and routine had never been questioned.
One nurse began talking to her as if she were a child, going on a long lecture that ended with “You don’t understand. 1 out of 5 women have breast cancer. Early recognition can defeat it”.
Once again my wife had to say “I’d rather not, thank you”.
But they wouldn’t take no for an answer.
The doctor said: “It’s OK. This is normal procedure”. He was preparing the tools to go ahead with it despite her non-consent.
AGAIN, she said “I’d rather not, unless it’s mandatory”.
The doctor then urged that it’s highly recommended, lecturing her on all the bad things that are going to happen if she doesn’t consent. Still, she didn’t consent. The rude doctor abruptly got up without saying a word and slammed the door behind him.
Like me, my wife doesn’t get sick. Reality Creators prefer not to be tested on if they are sick while feeling well. Thus, we never tested for Covid while feeling fine, even though everyone around us urged us to.
If you’re feeling fine, don’t look for problems.
Nothing negative can enter your life except with your implicit or explicit consent. If there is something you don’t want or like in your life, one of the first things you can do to reverse the problem is by withdrawing your consent. “I no longer consent to this. Instead, I prefer XYZ”. Depending on how much of the problem is already manifest, this may not instantly solve it, but it’s a necessary beginning to the unravelling of the problem. 
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